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Lana Rhoades: Former porn actress made shocking statement criticizing the industry that gave her fame



Former porn star Lana Rhoades made a shocking statement on her podcast, lashing out at the industry that made her famous and how it affected her life.

Just eight months of work was enough for Lana Rhoades to become world-famous and one of the most successful actresses in the porn industry.

Lana’s real name is Amara Maple when she left home and went to Los Angeles, USA to pursue a career to fulfill her dream of living a glamorous life like Hugh’s girlfriend. , was only 19 years old. Hefner in “Girls Next Door.”

But after that period, he left the industry, and now, at 26, he’s not afraid to talk about the pain and how he felt at the time.

Lana made a shocking statement about her job, the porn industry and what it has created in her life via a podcast interview “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her”.

Lana Rhoades works as an influencer
@lanarhoades| Instagram

Lana Rhoades: ‘They should make (porn) illegal’

Lana Rhoades thinks Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend life is glamorous, and at 19, her goal was to become exactly the same.

He didn’t know how Hefner’s girlfriend was living when the reality cameras that were persecuting him were turned off, but he tried to reach his goals and become a part of the porn industry. I found an easy way in

as details new york postproduced over 250 works during his eight months in the industry from 2016 to 2017, making headlines around the world.

In a blink of an eye, she became the most searched actress on Pornhub, with 345 million visits to her content, a record at the time.

She left her native Illinois, where she worked as a waitress and stripper, to enter a field she now strongly criticizes.

“It’s like a circus. As a performer, when I’m doing it, I’m … what kind of face can I make? What kind of sound can I make? What can I do to make it the best?” he proclaimed, admitting that absolutely everything was fake.

Modeling Lana Rhoades
@lanarhoades| Instagram

He added that the industry is “rife” with drug and alcohol abuse. “I don’t think it’s good for anyone. It should be illegal.” .

i don’t even want to have sex

“Somehow I didn’t understand that you really have to have sex with people to do porn”.

However, he also pointed out that the industry and the experience he gained there did not increase his sexual drive. Asexual .

“I don’t even like to have sex. I’m pretty asexual to be honest. I don’t find people attractive, and I’ve always been. I haven’t changed since doing porn.” as if saved daily mail.

Lana also said that the eight months she was in the industry marked her deeply and made her an instant star, but there were also consequences.

Pioneer He records that he had a panic attack, and since the emotional scars from that time still remain, he suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Rhoades has retired from the industry and now works as an influencer. On Instagram he has over 16 million followers, but he also shares images on OnlyFans (Adult His Content) and also does a podcast.

Lana Rhoades had an NBA star son

This week, Lana Rhoades was in the news again after fans came to a conclusion about who the father of the child the actress had with the NBA player was.

Lana Rhoades maintains an account at OnlyFans
@lanarhoades| Instagram

The influencer had a baby named Milo in January of this year, but the identity of the child’s father has not been revealed.

He gave clues as to where the man worked, but said: The next thing I knew, I said: ‘I’m pregnant’…and he told me to go to hell,’ he recorded. new york post.

Fans didn’t hesitate to look for clues as to who Milo’s father was, speculating it could be player Blake Griffin.

Whether it’s really the Boston Celtics’ new signing is yet to be confirmed, but if it’s true, American basketball pundits think it will be a news bomb just before the start of the NBA season. .

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