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Post photos of Angelica Castro at Santiago airport: She would have traveled to North America



The model likely left for North America in the past few hours, though it’s unclear if he’ll be meeting Cristian de la Fuente.

It’s been weeks since the video that revealed the infidelity of source christian a Angelica Castro in mexico. The situation was assumed by the actor in statements to foreign media.

last friday show won gave a description of the new episodes that bring this story to life by revealing images of Castro at Santiago airport just before boarding the plane.

As panelist Luis Sandoval noted, the TV host was scheduled to fly to North America, possibly Mexico. “He stops in Buenos Aires, Argentina to go to North America”, Indian people.

It’s in that very country that De La Fuente has been currently filming a Christmas movie since last September, so he wouldn’t have spent the national holiday there.

However, none of the panelists confirmed whether there was any reconciliation between the two in that country.

Angelica Castro at the airport

Angelica Castro and Cristian de la Fuente

Last week, Cristian de la Fuente traveled to Chile to attend his adult daughter Laura’s birthday celebrations.

But they ensured that the occasion was close There was no reconciliation between marriages. Without going any further, the young woman released only a photo with her mother.

Upon returning to Mexico, the actor said: The only people I have to apologize to are my family. ”

De la Fuente will return to our country after recording the aforementioned tapes, which may be released at the end of this year.

Source: Biobiochile

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