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Pamela Diaz confessed her ex-husband was in jail for nonpayment of pension: ‘They laugh at one’



The opinion scientist, referring to the circumstances her ex-husband went through, assured that she had not paid alimony for two years.

Journalist Sergio Rojas Pamela Diaz Fernando Telles He had spent a night in jail for unpaid alimony. It was confirmed by a TV panelist.

During an Instagram Live in central El Centro, “Fiera” spoke about the case of the two husbands and assured Manuel Neira recently responded.

As for Tellez, the model also claimed that he had two years of non-response about his financial responsibilities regarding his children.

“Manolito (Manuel Neira) pays a pension, so Fernando Telles is that person, but he has not paid anything for 14 years now (…) Sometimes they deposit 15 Lucas and laugh at one. ” Indian people.

“Jailed investor (sic) alimony, 2 years he won’t pay me. I say it’s annoying because I can’t see my notes every month, whether he’s deposited me or not,” he added.

Pamela Diaz and Manuel Neira

In a transmission, the opinion scientist extended much about his relationship with the former footballer, assuring him that he’s had trouble over the years.

“I didn’t want to sue him because I didn’t feel the need to. It used to work very well for me, and now it works, but I used to get a monthly salary on TV, so when they fired me, I was like, ‘Oh, what am I going to do? don’t have the same money Obviously other things are going well, but I was looking for more hits,” he said.

“Sometimes I had to spend more hours away from home than I used to. So I said, ‘Uta, I can’t take it alone, it doesn’t belong. He acted silly when I asked him for money,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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