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Queen Elizabeth II’s cool trick: She wasn’t cheating and always wearing lipstick



Queen Elizabeth II’s wearing lipstick in public wasn’t necessarily because she wanted to fix her make-up, but it was one of the many tricks she had to alert her staff to.

It’s been a month since Queen Elizabeth II died, and many details of her life have come to light. Specifically, details like how she uses her lipstick.

As British and world television devoted time to commemorating the life of Britain’s longest-living monarch, we had the opportunity to learn the incredible and unknown details of Queen Elizabeth II.

Some of the security protocols the monarch had were known. For example, a game where she uses her wallet to send messages to her bodyguards.

However, certain tricks the monarch had at public events have come to light. This could have been confused for years with simple flirting, but it meant so much more.

Elizabeth II lipstick

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most photographed women in history, and a good portion of these photos show her wearing lipstick in public.

One of the peculiarities of each photo is that they rarely used a mirror to touch up their makeup.

Queen Elizabeth began the perfect touch-up by holding lipstick in her left hand and holding it close to her lips.

What was not known about this action was that its purpose was not to put makeup on again, but to send a message to his staff for a specific action.

As per comment GlamourIn a special episode of The Antique Roadshow on Royal Yacht Britannia, Ian Scott Hunter, a former minion of the monarch who worked with her for eight years, revealed the real reason for this behavior.

“I think there is etiquette that women don’t wear makeup in public, but she put her bag aside, took out her lipstick and put it on without a mirror or anything like that. A woman was ready to go.” “I’m leaving,” he said.

As the Queen took lipstick from her bag and applied it to her face, the ladies-in-waiting quickly put things in order so they could be “quick out” when she got up.

Queen’s many tricks

But wearing lipstick in public wasn’t the only trick Queen Elizabeth had to warn her staff about.

The use he gave to the bag he always carried with him at every event he attended was known. It was carried as an item for sending messages to the Secret Service.

It was a British royal historian and expert who uncovered some of the codes Elizabeth used in communicating with the team at public events.

Hugo Vickers said that when she put it on the table during the event it was because she was ready to retire, but if she passed it from one hand to another wanted to end the conversation already. , he reported. Country.

Another sign Vickers uncovered was that he touched his wedding ring if he wanted help from a mid-conversation conversation, but if he suddenly turned the ring, it was because he was desperate for help.

But that’s not the Queen’s only security trick. Queen Elizabeth II was usually seen wearing bold colors.

Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, said she wore a one-color full suit because she wanted the public to be able to see her even when the Queen was in the crowd.

Queen Elizabeth's dress
Queen Elizabeth II | Royal.uk

Not only is it a security issue, but it’s also easier for security teams to recognize in an emergency.

Queen Elizabeth’s makeup

Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II’s great-great-grandmother, thought wearing makeup was disrespectful. But his idea was left behind many years ago.

Queen Elizabeth was always seen with flawless makeup like lipstick. vanity fair Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick.

The color that the Queen has used for many years is Pink Vibration, and its price is specified to be around 17,000 pesos.

The American brand maintains a close relationship with Angela Kelly, who was the Queen’s stylist, according to the magazine.

They told The Telegraph, “[We]worked very closely with[the Queen’s stylist]Angela Kelly and her team to excel at anything Her Majesty would need or want to try. We are ready to serve you,” he said.

However, this is not the only brand where Queen Elizabeth was intimate. Because she also had a connection with Clarins, a French company that created a special lipstick shade for her to use on her coronation day. Her goal was to fit her wardrobe on that day.

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