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A touching reunion of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd 37 years after Back to the Future



Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, the protagonists of the iconic Back to the Future trilogy, have a touching reunion.

The event took place at New York Comic Con this weekend and turned out to be one of the most emotional moments of the event. Parkinson’s disease at Fox.

Christopher and Michael, who played Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly, respectively, had a relaxed conversation in front of hundreds of fans, during which they talked about their friendship.

Humor was essential to the event, with Fox telling several jokes on stage that caused the attendees to laugh.

“Hmm, chewing gum,” he said after the gum fell out of his mouth as a result of involuntary movement. “I just got the coronavirus and you saw how it happened” applause erupts from the attendees.

The main characters of the memorized tape recalled how they met on the set of the trilogy and recalled some anecdotes that occurred on the recording. This is how Lloyd revealed that he kept the t-shirt in the middle of the conversation. Back to the Future III he revealed that his wife wouldn’t let him use it.

However, there were some serious moments, such as when Fox spoke about his role at the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which he set up to advance Parkinson’s research.

“It’s not what I have, it’s what I’ve been given—a voice that does this and helps people,” he said. , now 60, was only 30 when he was diagnosed with the disease.

It should be noted that the acclaimed reunion took place within the framework of the 37th anniversary of Back to the Future’s debut.

Source: Biobiochile

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