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Cecilia Borocco celebrated her marriage to the rhythm of Barry White: Singer double details



Cecilia Borocco and Pepo Dea got married this weekend, and the party was attended by Barry White’s Chilean double, who shared an image of the moment.

After dating for 6 years, Cecilia Borocco and Jose “Pepo” Daire is getting married this weekend, and at the celebration, Barry White Fernando Carrillo.

The intimate ceremony took place on Saturday at Daire’s home in Vitacura, where he was accompanied by family and friends, including the bride and groom. Martin Carcamo and Maria Luisa Godoy.

Cecilia Borocco and Barry White

A Barry White impersonator used social networks to recount his experiences with the marriage of Cecilia Borocco and “Pepo” Dyer. “It’s already appeared in various media, so I can tell you,” he wrote.

I am eternally grateful to have been the only artistic number chosen by the bride and groom. To celebrate the marriage of Cecilia Borocco, our eternal Queen,” he added next to a photo of him with the bride.

“I would like to thank all the attendees who enjoyed the show for their welcome, congratulations and especially Maximo Borocco for the tremendous good vibes,” he continued.

“For now, I just wish the bride and groom eternal love,” he concluded.

With this milestone, the former Miss Universe added her third marriage, following Michael Young’s wedding to the late former President of Argentina and father of Maximo, Carlos Saul Menem.

long term

Carrillo became known on television thanks to her appearances as Barry White’s double on shows such as My name is and I am.

In fact, the musician’s daughter, Bridget White Hancock, dedicated a few words to his impersonation in praise of his work.

“My father is Barry White. I want to say Fernando is doing a great job impersonating my father,” he began in a video shown on the CHV show.

“He sounds like my dad, he dresses like my dad, he looks like my dad. I’m proud of you and thank you.” closed the woman.

Source: Biobiochile

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