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Cristian Sánchez’s show on Channel 13 ends: the animators say goodbye to the station again



Billionaire’s Door was a Diverso TV production and producer of Diana Bolocco and “Pablete” Alvarado, Christián Sánchez returned to Channel 13, where his career was born.

as planned, billionaire door ,Practitioner Christian Sanchez It ended last Friday, so the animators will say goodbye again Channel 13.

This space was a contest format in the afternoon slot.

according to 7 pagesthe space was always meant to last four weeks, and Sanchez’s contract was for that specific period.

Christian Sanchez and Channel 13

Christian Sanchez He spent the first part of his career on Channel 13, appearing on shows like ‘Open Screen’, ‘Viva La Manana’ and ‘Red Carpet’ for nearly a decade.

Meanwhile, the Billionaire’s Door is presented by Polla Chilena de Beneficencia, JumpMedia and Diverse TV Sanchez, Diana Borocco, producer of “Pabléte” Alvarado, former executive producer of Mucho Gusto.

“It’s so exciting to be back home after 14 years. Beyond the fact that I’ve always stayed connected to the channel, I left in ’13 to have some friends. I feel like it never happened.”

Desired time

After the end of Hidden Truths, which monopolized the song, the afternoon schedule became a very attractive block for the channel.

tvN started a few days ago today we talk With Margot Khal while the CHV keeps the air live with you while La Red is back hello chile .

Similarly, Mega maintains a teleseries Betrayed until I find you and contest program play time .

Channel 13 will still be on screen for now Ugly Betty; Case Close and Turkish TV series, Yuldiz and Areb .

Source: Biobiochile

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