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did they meet?They share images of the reunion between Cristian de la Fuente and his daughter Laura



Journalist Cecilia Gutierrez shared a video on Instagram of Cristian de la Fuente and daughter Laura allegedly showing up at a restaurant.

Controversy Over Infidelity Video Of source christian is not over yet and continues to scatter his family, including his daughter. roller .

Journalist this time Cecilia Gutierrez We shared a video that supposedly shows the reunion of the actor and the teenager.

On Sunday, Gutierrez uploaded a blurry clip to his Instagram story where he made an appearance. source christian With Laura in what looks like a restaurant.

“Christian de la Fuente from Chile. The actor met with his daughter Laura,” the communicator explained.

Recently, she was enjoying a long weekend with her friends, according to the teenager’s social network.

Meanwhile, De La Fuente’s wife and Laura’s mother should have traveled to the US last Friday.

At least they confirmed it on their show Me Late when they released an image of Castro at the Santiago airport just before he boarded the plane.

Remember, after learning of the controversy, on September 30th, Laura celebrated her 18th birthday with a big party.

The controversy that separated Cristian de la Fuente and Laura

At the end of September, a video began circulating showing a Chilean actor passionately kissing a young woman at a restaurant in Mexico City.

actor He admitted his infidelity and later apologized to his family.

“Thank you for everything you said. The only people I have to apologize to are my family,” Cristian told Mexican media who were at the airport.

Likewise, after the controversy, he asserted that he was focused on “correcting mistakes, asking for forgiveness, and being a better person.”

Source: Biobiochile

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