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Her role in Gwendolyn Christie and Marlina: ‘I felt beautiful for the first time on screen’



Tim Burton’s series takes Addams Family fans back to the school days of Marlina, the young daughter of the family. Her parents, unfit for a regular school, decide to send her to her Academy of Nevermore, Larissa’s campus, which is now directed by Weems (Gwendoline Christie). There, her connection to her past unlocks several problems for the teenager, hunts down a monster dedicated to killing people, begins to master psychic abilities, and faces her first emotional drama.

this wednesday netflix premiere Merlin a series in which Tim Burton offers his own version of the world of the Addams family from the perspective of the family’s teenage daughter, now played by Jenna Ortega, but with Christina Ricci playing a different role in the plot. I’m here.

before the debut of Merlin On the platform, BioBioChile spoke with actress Gwendoline Christie. game of thrones, Star Wars world Sandmanamong other productions, plays Larissa Weems, director of Nevermore Academy, the campus young Adams ends up enrolling in after several school coexistence issues.

“I’m very happy, really, very happy. We’ve been working hard on the series and I love it when I see that people are enjoying it.

“My favorite part is (Larissa) doesn’t look like any character I’ve played And given how I’ve been cast in so many characters, it was surprising to me that Tim Burton would see me in the role.

“It was extraordinary for me that he saw it, that he wanted it, and that I was able to do it,” he added.

Another characteristic Christie emphasized was that Weems was in charge of the school and “a woman in power.”

“She has dealt with a repressed and never acknowledged past and now rules Nevermore Academy, but faces her greatest test yet in the form of Marleena Adams.


Larissa vs Merlina?

Larissa is now the director of the campus, but in her adolescence she was a student at the campus, also sharing with the parents of main characters Morticia and Gomez.

For this reason, as seen in the trailer, after the piranha problem in the pool, it was decided to send a young woman there to explore her psychic abilities and deal with young people who do not fit into the regular school. In the midst of a murder case by a monster, his experience of first love also comes alive.

At school, Merlina must confront a part of her family’s past and her connection to an ancestor that puts her at the center of the problems that plague Nevermore, who happen to be in direct conflict with Weems.

“I love the intensity between Merlina and Larissa’s youth. Larissa has just reached an age where she feels she can figure it all out and fit in with the school, but challenges and disasters strike her. is forced to face himself… Morality. For me, it was a detailed and interesting character,” he concluded.

“I loved the opportunity to feel attractive and beautiful.”

Despite his career beginning in 2005 and having been part of hits like Brienne de Tarth (GoT), Phasma (Star Wars), Lucifer (The Sandman) and Lyme (Hunger Games), Merlin Marked her for something in particular.

Unlike Brienne, who, for example, is always armored, frowning, and ready for battle between woods and mud, Larissa impresses immediately by her care for her appearance, from makeup to clothing, through manners and gestures. You can

“I really liked the changing rooms. I liked the way the characters were introduced.” he commented.

“I loved the opportunity to feel glamorous and beautiful. I think it’s the first time I’ve felt that way on screen. It was so refreshing.” clearly.

Christie of Melina

But while she shines brilliantly as a principal, that stage in her real life doesn’t evoke fond memories in Christie.

In fact, he affirmed that being a student once did nothing to prepare him for the role.

“I hated school so much and it was such a hard and painful experience that the only way school helped me was through my ability to endure and stay alive. That’s all I have to say.” he launched

red carpet series premiere

What was it like working with Tim Burton, Jenna Ortega and Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Merlin Christie herself told BíoBío, with Tim Burton directing and executive producing, “a dream come true” for Christie.

“I love all of his work, it means a lot to me artistically and emotionally. I think he’s one of our greatest artists and filmmakers,” he said.

Marlina is now in the hands of young Jenna Ortega. Jane the Virgin, you, Jurassic world: Camp cretasius and soon join the world of scream.

“When I met Jenna, we were both very quiet. increase.

“In the end, I had the most amazing time on the scene with Jenna because it was so special and we wanted that and wanted the relationship to go in all directions.” , we felt free.It’s the perfect place to be an actress.

And Morticia? Morticia is played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, a “truly extraordinary movie star” for Christie.

“I learned a lot working with her. , a kind, funny person and a lot of fun to be with,” he said.

“I didn’t want to disappoint anyone other than myself, so I hope the scene does well, even though it was boring and uninteresting[with Zeta-Jones],” she concluded.

catherine zeta jones

Click here for the trailer Merlin

Source: Biobiochile

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