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Mauricio Israel’s ex-partner accuses daughter of having no relationship: ‘He hasn’t seen her since he arrived in Chile’



Marisol Galvez has revealed that although there is a monthly payment to the teenager, this is not an established alimony and despite his efforts, Israel has not met his daughter.

After TV host Mauricio Israel Marisol Galvez had a tense encounter with Savka Pollak live on air, his former partner Marisol Galvez said: I wanted to clarify the relationship between the sports commentator and his daughter.

in a conversation with public meterRecalling Israel’s joy at becoming a father in 2007, Galvez said: they slept together He entered the program and came back with a crack. He was a wonderful father, but only for a year and four months.

And that all changed in 2008 when various debts were incurred against sports commentators. decided to leave the country on the spot Galvez thus had to face the loss of his home and various foreclosures.

Also, his communication with Israel was declining. Then, when Israel was still far from the homeland, the medium assured, The entertainer sued Galvez to allow his daughter to travel out of the country.

Specifically, they reached an agreement to make a trip in the winter and another trip in the summer, with an end-of-year party in between. I guess.

“That year he got married in Colombia and came to distribute the marriage certificate. Sarita was supposed to go to the wedding, but she didn’t come looking for her.she waited for him Pack your suitcase and put on your princess dress,” lamented Galvez.

According to the woman, “Mauricio transformed. He stopped being Sarah’s favorite person and started to get cold. I complied with purchasing uniforms and consumables, but otherwise handled everything myself.”

Likewise, Galvez assures that it was she who, in the end, claimed that they could have a father-daughter bond.

Last week, Safka Pollack had a strained relationship with Mauricio Israel, who accused him of not being allowed to see his daughter despite paying alimony. “He hasn’t seen her since he arrived in Chile last December.”

“Sarita just wanted to see him, but she was so nervous and nervous to be with him. He didn’t understand it. She searched for him a lot, but got no answer. “He’s had a really bad time,” he lamented.

Similarly, the former partner of the driver of central circle confirmed that he would provide a financial contribution, To date, there is no established alimony.

“Mauricio does not know who he or his family decided to give him that amount. The problem is that it’s not enough.Now she’s a teenager and has other needs A lot of things had to be banned,” he commented.

In this regard, he assures that the financial contribution is not the most important thing, but above all that adolescents leave their childhood school to go to public school and do not have an Isapule. clarified.

Sarah is not a spokesperson for both because I want to have a fatherly relationship with him It hurts him badly, but I have no way of communicating with him. I don’t forbid it,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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