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‘I treated you for Aji with fluid retention’: Jordi Castell recalls controversy with Raquel Argandona



The Tal Cuar entertainer said she remembered the moment because various newspapers wanted to highlight the controversy over her style used at the Viña del Mar Gala.

On Tuesday night, photographer Jordi Castel wanted to take the blame for recalling one of his most cutting-edge fashion critics. He described Raquel Argandona as a ‘mackerel with fluid retention’ After visiting the Gala de Viña.

An incident occurred in the program. as it is, led by Argandona and José Miguel Viñuela. The entertainer then spoke with the pro as he recalled various moments from his festival’s gala in Vina del Mar.

“Speaking of festival comments, I have to eat meat. ” I started by saying Castel. “When I started working in television 22-24 years ago, I was a panelist at the Festival de Viña y. I treated you as a horse mackerel with bodily fluid retention.” he launched from it.

Argandona therefore claimed to remember that criticism. “You treated me like a horse mackerel. I was wearing a black latex dress and a black wig Like Cleopatra,” he explained.

“Actually, Pato Araya was in the same hotel and he told me.”how do you send that shit And you say that to Raquel,” recalls Castell.

That’s why Viñuela consulted her partner about the comment. star zone She said annoyed: “Why didn’t I get caught? it appeared everywhere, in every newspaper I didn’t say anything to him though. ”

Reconciliation of Jordi Castell and Raquel Argandona

Similarly, the former foreground She couldn’t help but recall that Argandona named her in an entertainment magazine a year and a half later. “They ask your opinion on the best dress on Chilean TV and you name me. It was the best hitting of my career.” said.

A week after its publication, the two met at the film’s premiere. “I walked up to Raquel and said to her, ‘Thank you for telling me about me,’ but you didn’t remember,” the photographer recalled with a laugh.

“Mackerel – did you say mackerel or salmon-type mackerel?” Viñuela then joked, trying to get back to the controversial story.

“No, I said it’s not horse mackerel anymore (…) let alone some things have disappeared. But I forgave him, he had a future.” Raquel Argandoña answered amusedly.

As to the reason for his comment, Castel probably said, “I must not have slept well, the screws were looser than usual, but Something happened, and I said, “What is this woman thinking, I think she’s Aji with fluid retention.”

The event happened in 2004 when a photographer was on Channel 13 talking about that year’s Viñagara.

Source: Biobiochile

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