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Pamela Diaz’s daughter surprises with Netflix’s Chilean version of Merlina



The influencer and business woman has appeared in sketches on Netflix’s social network to promote the new series on the platform.

Pamela Diaz’s daughter, Trinidad Neira, made her Netflix debut this Wednesday for the Addams family’s “Chillensis” sketch. To promote the premiere of Merlina, a new series on the platform.

In just over 2 minutes, you can see Pamela Diaz and Trinidad Naila was made up in dark tones and dressed in classic Addams Family style. in a black car

Sketch of Pamela Diaz and daughter Trinidad Neira

The clip titled “Las Locas Díaz” shows a mother and daughter traveling in a Gothic vehicle, while “la Fiera” talks to her daughter while looking at her mobile phone.

“Do you remember Gringa’s cousin, lovely girl, Merlina? (…) It seems that he will study at your school. ” Diaz’s comment to which my daughter reacts immediately.

“Are you kidding me? Trinidad answers. Someone who looks skeptical about wanting to share with her .

Therefore, mother and daughter joke about the expulsion of Adams’ youngest son, according to the series. He threw a piranha into the school pool to get revenge on his brother.

“Morticia called me urgently. If only I could sit with Merlina in the classroom.” continues Diaz, whose daughter does not hide her disgust.

“later, I’m not going to look after a psychopath.” mentioning Neira, to whom Diaz reacts angrily and stops the car, leaving her daughter whereabouts so she can finish the trip alone.

“The Diaz family is going insane because Merlina has been expelled from school and has to go to the enigmatic and mysterious Nevermore,” they wrote on their Chilean Netflix account.

This is not the first time the “La Fiera” has appeared in this type of sketch. On the platform’s national social networks. This year, it was the same influencer who appeared in promotion for Bridgerton’s new season in March.

So she played a period drama with a photographer Jordi Castell and a lawyer Herhue Sukuni they simulated the Chilean version of the popular Shonda Rhimes series.

Source: Biobiochile

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