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The attack on Branko Grims and hostilities towards members of parliament will also be discussed by the Parliamentary Committee for Culture



Urgent meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture

The chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee for Culture, Tamara Vonta (Svoboda), announced that an urgent meeting of the Committee for Culture on the topic of hostility and incitement to violence, requested by the SDS parliamentary group, will be held on Monday.

Tamara Vonta (Gibanje Svoboda) recalled that on November 9, SDS addressed a request to convene an emergency meeting on “actions in the field of media and culture that deliberately escalate hostility, incite violence and attacks against individuals based on their values, beliefs or worldview“.

She responded to the request on November 17 and stated in a letter that she agreed with the discussion on the mentioned issue, and at the same time suggested to the SDS parliamentary group that in order to comprehensively consider the topic, they should convene a joint meeting of three committees, namely, in addition to the committee for culture, for Home Affairs and Justice.

The reason was the postponement of the 13th emergency meeting of the Committee for Internal Affairs, Public Administration and Local Self-Government, which was convened at the request of SDS on an almost identical topic. “From the magnetogram of the meeting, it appears that SDS also agreed with the postponement of the meeting of the Committee for Internal Affairs, Public Administration and Local Self-Government and the convening of a wider meeting,” she stated.

In the letter, Vonta, as she states, specifically asked SDS to express its opinion on the proposal and to inform her of the decision. She did not receive an answer by the deadline for the meeting, November 23, but she did receive a letter from SDS. In it, Vonto was asked to follow the rules of procedure when convening meetings of the committee for culture, since a request to convene an emergency meeting had already been addressed to her on November 9, and the rules of procedure of the DZ stipulate that the meeting must be held within 14 days of the request being submitted parliamentary groups.

The parliamentary group believes that the issue needs to be discussed because of the physical attack on “of our MP Branko Grimes in front of the National Assembly at the end of October and due to the verbal attacks, insults and spitting of MPs, we believe that it is high time for joint and quick action“.

On November 15, the Parliamentary Committee for Internal Affairs, Public Administration and Local Self-Government started a discussion on this topic, but the session was interrupted. As the Svoboda parliamentary group explained at the time, a joint meeting of the Committee on Internal Affairs and the Committee on Justice should be convened in the future.

Source: Rtvslo

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