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Meganoticias team has accident in the middle of the night: specialist injured



The situation was narrated by Gonzalo Ramirez, who showed that the vehicle the expert was heading for was hit by a van.

in space this morning mega news Connect, Gonzalo Ramírez, reported an accident in which the channel’s team was apparently hit by a van during the night.

According to the journalist’s account, the person who crashed into the mega car was At that time, the driver was drunk driving on the highway. Both cars were totaled.

Meganoticias team accident

“The person responsible for this incident was under the influence of alcohol and was professionally verified and released. This is unacceptable and happens frequently.” Indian people.

Regarding the incident itself, the presenter claimed that a colleague had been injured and was recovering and would rejoin in the coming days.

“They were going to their usual job in this car, but the van cut them off and they crashed. The car is completely lost,” he said, indicating his frustration with the situation. .

“Fortunately, everyone was wearing seatbelts and They suffered minor injuries and are recovering. ” Added.

The situation is reminiscent of what the Chilevición team experienced a few weeks ago in downtown Santiago. The team was approached by criminals who stole their cars and work equipment.

“They were left on the streets, standing in the Beauchef department. I got

Source: Biobiochile

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