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Truck driver leader is dealing hard with Julio Cesar for unemployment: ‘You are very arrogant’



Both made some arguments in interviews. A similar situation occurred on that show last Tuesday.

This Thursday, one trucker leader had a tense moment. Sergio Farias When Julio Cesar Rodriguez of with you in the morning In the interview, both lost their patience several times after discussing the unemployment the union was experiencing.

of situation It started when Farias sarcastically asked Rodriguez for the details of his group’s entire request. Because Rodriguez had interviewed one of his colleagues (Carlos Galaz) a few days earlier.

“What do I know? Wait, Stopping the truck for a second, what does what he said to me on the radio have to do with it if we’re on a TV show? If people should know this,” said the frustrated animator.

A second disagreement occurred when journalists consulted Farias about falling gasoline prices in a particular sector.

“To all the people (to get off) Julio Cesar, he must be taken off the sign so they can benefit,” Rodriguez commented: “People aren’t going to bring it down.”

“Never in my life have I seen a negotiation where truck drivers filed a final petition to reduce gas in all their cars,” the communicator added.

“When we talk about fuel, we speak in general terms. You’ll find the fuel goes up every Thursday, for laughs.” The truck driver snapped.

Julius Caesar and Trucker Leader

A climax was experienced when they tackled the issue of resting points. At that time, Rodriguez decided that the interviewee was right, ironically responding: “Then don’t question me, if you think I’m right, Julius Caesar.”

“Why don’t you ask me? But what happened? You are super arrogant even to give an interview, Sergio. they are very arrogant. ” He angrily pointed at the communicator.

Finally, I was consulted about what to do if Carabineros pushed me out of the way. Here is Farias’ reaction:

The entertainer didn’t like this either, claiming, “The road isn’t yours Sergio, it’s not yours, you’re wrong.”

Source: Biobiochile

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