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What Mr. Beast is doing in Chile: Billionaire YouTuber giving away money on video



With over 113 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Mr. Beast has emerged as the highest earning user with video on the platform. Charity. The content creator is in Chile, apparently shooting new material and visiting the southern part of the country.

Punta Arenas and Magallanes areas Highest-earning YouTuber Mr Beast Within the platform, we offer billionaire prizes in exchange for challenges.

He is a content creator with millions of subscribers watching his videos, an institution funder and a philanthropist.

Who is Mr Beast, the highest paid YouTuber in the world?

Jimmy Donaldson real name Mr Beast is an American YouTuber with over 113 million subscribers. Chile, especially while passing through Punta Arenas .

Content creators, among other things, are famous for earning the most money on YouTube. forbes,with him channel It has been played over 18 billion times.

His videos look simple, but he needs thousands of dollars from earnings and sponsors to run the challenge in exchange for a $1 million prize.

Nevertheless, Mr Beast It also brings more extreme challenges. Like this one he released in August 2022 to celebrate his 100 million subscribers, he’s racing his 100 of them to an island bought by the YouTuber himself. I got the

YouTuber, entrepreneur, philanthropist

popularity on the internet youtuber Mr. Beast, passing through Magallanes region it’s not just for the millionaire prizes he gives his followers when they encounter challenges in his videos.

Young streamers were a fundamental pillar of the Team Trees campaign, which raised over $20 million to replant various US parks in December 2019.

Likewise, in his videos, he was seen making large donations to various services such as animal shelters, shelters, and veterans centers.

What is Mr Beast doing in Chile?

For several days, various social network accounts were posted by the YouTuber Mr Beast was in southern Chile located in the city of Punta Arenas.

His presence in our country was confirmed by the local media, ITV Noticas.

for now, highest earning youtuber On platforms where he is in our country, create challenge content in his videos in exchange for billionaire prizes, or if it is another project.

Before, Mr Beast He announced that he will be in Chile for two weeks to record Surprise Job. Additionally, he said he had very few signals, so it is speculated that he could go to Torres del Paine or even Antarctica.

Source: Biobiochile

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