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‘He abandoned me’: José Antonio Neme’s relief for Diana Borocco after leaving Mucho Gusto



Jose Antonio Neme called former TV duo Diana Borocco his “worst friend” due to the departure of Morning Communicator.

This Thursday morning, journalist José Antonio Neme said I wanted to comment on my relationship with Diana Borocco with whom he shared the animation Pleased to meet you until August of the same year.

The communicator shared with Pamela Diaz and Chiqui Aguayo, for entertainment. They asked both him and his duo, Karen Doggenweiler, various questions.

Thus, an animator was asked about “the worst friend on television”, and Doggenweiler pointed out, “Julian Elfenbein, because I wanted to see it and didn’t.”

But Neme also wanted to make his position transparent. “La Diana Borocco, she left me here this morning.” he said, Diaz joked about it, stating, “How irrelevant.”

In any case, the journalist wanted to continue his statement. “He went. He got me off the show.” If you ask me my worst friend, or my least favorite friend, Diana … (for) abandoning the house,” he stressed.

Likewise, he continued his vent by assuring that the cheerleader at the time “said he was going to do ‘El Retador’ and would be back.” And he didn’t come back.” to which Doggenweiler assured, “The problem is yours, because you believed him.”

It was very clear I wouldn’t be backMore because from there he could make another star,” explained the former face of TVN.

“Diana Borocco said to me, ‘Jose, I’ll do the program and come back high.’ And he didn’t do it,” repeated José Antonio Neme.

Shortly after, Pamela Diaz herself answered that question. “I have no enemies, but I stay away from Rocío Marengo,” she confessed.

The departure of José Antonio Neme and Diana Borocco

In August of this year, the journalist himself admitted that he was hurt by the resignation of former Mucho Gusto.his breakup hurt me I liked Diana so much that we worked really hard for a year,” he assured in the now-extinct Me Late.

“La Diana leaves with the utmost love from the team. We miss her to this day. Nothing was personal. Here, it was simply her decision that the channel respected,” she assured.

Source: Biobiochile

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