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Jumping, laughing, Harold Mayne Nichols: Jorge Said’s relaxed office in Qatar



The documentalist was going to talk about the sport of falconry, but he ended up devoting himself solely to laughter and banter with the team.

During a live broadcast of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, documentary filmmaker Jorge Said appeared in a particular live dispatch, in which the communicator made several jokes, Introducing his personal photographer and former FIFA boss, Harold Mayne Nichols. .

said in the special qatar live From CHV, he presented a note on falconry, the country’s traditional sport featuring falcon training.

After sharing the note, he started live dispatching with communicators.but said I kept looking for a point to send I asked the cameraman, “Would you like to be there a little further down the road?”

Daniel Matamara therefore tries to inquire about the sport’s popularity, but he is ignored by Sayid, who jumps onto a platform near another floor where the studio’s journalists can’t stand the laughter.

The moment Jorge Said jumps on a small platform.
CHV catch

“But Jorge… stay there with us. Jorge, were you going to do a falcon flight? Later, when Julio Cesar Rodriguez told a joke, both Said and the studio started laughing.

Thus, the documentalist explained that he was at a yacht club in Qatar, but Rodriguez kept joking about what was going on there.

“Did you want to climb a palm tree?” he continued, with Sayid still laughing, joking with the option of being invited on one of the luxury yachts.

“Jorge, who is your photographer?” Daniel Matamara asked him, and Jorge Said smiled again and declared: Harold Mayne Nichols.

Meanwhile, laughter and applause erupt from the studio again, asking the cameraman to say hello. Thus, Said himself took the camera, showing the former ANFP president smiling and waving.

“Jorge helped me in college. Now I have to help him. ” he commented in between laughter to say goodbye to the universe.

Harold Mayne Nichols smiles and waves at the camera in the middle of Jorge Said's office.
CHV catch

Source: Biobiochile

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