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‘They look like they’re lying pathetically’: Tele Marinovich faces off against Cecilia Borocco after size dispute



After Borocco commented on weight and size, as well as the issue of appearing more attractive to men, a former conventionalist joined the discussion.

quirky Tele Marinovich came out in defense of Cecilia Borocco After the controversy generated by his comments regarding the size and weight of the clothes.

“Hypocrites! Cecilia Borocco said the obvious” announced the philosophy graduate through her Twitter account.

Remember when the former Miss Universe was live on Instagram and a follower asked about the large size of her collection.

“This (blouse) is going to be oversized and they’ll see how big it is,” he explained. If you think they need more size, you think they need to eat less, right?” Borocco insisted.

“I say it with love, but please do intermittent fasting, because it’s not that big of a deal,” he added.

Marinovich faces off against Borocco

In Marinovich’s opinion, “1. It’s better not to be overweight (because it’s bad too) 2. Because it looks bad (a problem women care about)”.

“Purge away your moral wrath, But they appear to be lying pathetically.” he closed the message.

Comments on his words came quickly. “You must tell me geah (sic), It means that you have to be pretty to please a man. ” handed down the sentence to Twitter.

Marinovich replied: “He can charge you, but the truth is, for centuries, We have been and will continue to look attractive (For men, husband, boyfriend, etc.)”.

Meanwhile, the tweeter joined the discussion assuring that what Marinovich said wasn’t necessarily true. This stereotype must end,” he wrote.

Of course, Marinovich did not remain silent. “Okay, if you think it’s right for you to have that fight, do it. But don’t get bogged down by small and fairly obvious remarks. Also,” he said.

Borocco’s remarks not only sparked Marinovich’s reaction, but many others, including Patricia Maldonado and singer Christel, joined the discussion.

Source: Biobiochile

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