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‘I was obese’: Montserrat Alvarez denies Cecilia Borocco’s words, recalls tough experience



The communicator criticized the former Miss Universe’s statement, recalling that she struggled with being overweight as a child.

A considerable number of reactions Cecilia Borocco She did it live a few days ago after a follower asked her about the larger size of some clothes. Montserrat Alvarez also criticized her.

Borocco pointed out on Instagram, “This (blouse) is going to be oversized and you’ll see how big it will be.” I don’t know – I’m thinking this is a M – If you think you need a larger size, I think what you need is to eat less.

“I tell you with love. Please do intermittent fasting. It’s not that big.” Added former Miss Universe.

Montserrat Alvarez criticizes Cecilia Borocco

So according to what is stated the 4thMonserrat Álvarez took a few minutes morning with you To criticize these sayings, even referring to what she experienced as a child.

“I think it’s complicated if you take the problem of being overweight seriously because you can be serious, respectful, and not offend, because it’s an important issue. But here it seems a kind of lightness and frivolity about one’s body. ” he pointed out.

“I am obese and lost 15 kilos at the age of 9, but I know what it is from experience. What I learned for myself was to eat less. In Chile, we have a quantity problem and nutritionists tell us to eat less and organize our diet, which is difficult. Added.

Finally, the statement launched a reflection on the subject, confirming how little is understood about people who have difficulty losing weight.

“Then, indeed, When the skinny world tells you to eat less, it’s really very little understood. Because it’s so easy for people who are thin to say it. For example, it’s hard to eat healthy if you’re addicted to junk food. This must be understood as a mental health illness,” he concluded.

It should be noted that several celebrities have criticized Borocco’s statement, including Patricia Maldonado. Chicken and those three will make you fat. “

Source: Biobiochile

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