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Marcela Vaccarezza comments on Dennis Rosenthal’s controversial appearance.



Reactions to Dennis Rosenthal’s look at the 2022 MUSA Awards were mixed, with the ceremony taking place on Sunday night, but the debate continues to this day.

communicator Marcela Vacarezza stepped out to comment on the controversial look worn by Denise Rosenthal on Sunday night at the 2022 MUSA Awards The singer continues to get people talking two days after the ceremony thanks to her audacity costume.

And that Rosenthal seemed to influence everyone with his impressive wardrobe. Consisting of a black two-piece suit and silver nipple covers, it was the only thing that covered his torso. Additionally, she wore different types of jewelry on her face.

their costume It was controversial among those who witnessed the award, unleashing a network discussion that continues to trend even two days after the MUSA awards.

Within the framework of this discussion, Vaccarezza, who works as a psychologist and TV host, posted a brief reflection on the issue on her Twitter account. .

“I am not shocked or surprised when I see this kind of thing. I am for the fact that everyone is free to act and express themselves as they are,” he wrote. .

“So you say ‘I want my daughter to look like this’? And I admit no. That’s all I need,” he said. After his comment, he received several messages of support.

Despite the wardrobe controversy, Denise Rosenthal doesn’t seem to care about Marcela Vacarezza or internet users. In fact, on Monday he was happy to receive the award as “Pop Artist of the Year.”

“I am truly grateful for your love, loyalty and unconditional affection. , give us the strength to keep expanding our roots,” she wrote on Instagram.

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