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‘I wonder if it’s worth living’: Andrés Kaniurev opened up about drug addiction



The journalist recalled realizing he had hit rock bottom when he realized he hadn’t eaten in days when he prioritized substances.

Journalist Andrés Kaniulev, speaking about his drug addiction, recalled: The darkest moments of the drug need that made him He realized he had to start rehab.

Kaniurev, who was the new guest of text game, He was counseled about hitting rock bottom and knew he needed to go to rehab. When I realized he hadn’t eaten in days.

“It’s carefree. Addiction has to do with abandoning yourself. Eating is no longer a priority.” I fell down, became immobile, and fainted at work. ” confessed.

So who were the extermination panelists hit me fixed their problem They started because of the recession that had been going on since 2017.

“I started to feel empty. I had achieved it all, but I still felt empty. ” he remembered.

Kaniurev also said that he was “subjected to a very strong media overexposure, my name being heard everywhere, ridiculed, That distortion had affected me long ago but I wasn’t aware of it or in charge of it.”

“Plus, I brought a wall in front of my family. my sexuality was not openly discussed but they were spitting that reality in their faces. All of that started hurting me,” he lamented.

Andrés Kaniureff and his road to rehabilitation

The communicator noted that at first he used drugs for recreation, but little by little he began to suffer from excess. I was. It is closest to you and allows you to function. ” confessed.

Likewise, he said, “The psychotropic drug that allows weight loss, Labotril, the drug that short-circuited my head, And they made it worse and worse. ” he explained, adding that he even had suicidal thoughts.

“There is a moment I wonder if it’s worth living on, fighting on, and claiming Please give me another chance. It gets harder each time. “I was about to give up,” he said.

“That’s why you say The moment they offered me help, it was sorely needed.” he commented.

Andrés Caniulef was able to break free from his addiction while working for Channel 13. Helped by a friend or colleague After a year of rehabilitation, he took refuge with his parents, who now live with him.

life gave me the possibility to rediscover my parents There were brackets in my relationship with them from adolescence to this crisis, but I had such a beautiful childhood with them. Today I am recovering it and building new memories and that makes me happy,” he said.

If you need professional help or know someone whose life has been affected by the consumption of alcohol or other drugs, contact the National Service for Drug and Alcohol Consumption Prevention and Rehabilitation year-round. We have a 24/7 expert helpline. 1412. The service is free and confidential.

Source: Biobiochile

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