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It was Kenan and Kelly’s reunion after more than 20 years



Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson attend the 2022 People's Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on December 6, 2022 in Santa Monica, California / AFP

Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson attend the 2022 People’s Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on December 6, 2022 in Santa Monica, California / AFP

Actors Kenan Thompson and Kelly Mitchell are best remembered for their roles in the late 1990s Nickelodeon comedy series Kenan and Kelly.

More than 20 years later, her characters crossed paths on the blue carpet of the People’s Choice Awards in an emotional reunion that filled their fans with nostalgia.

Apparently, it was all the brainchild of actress Keke Palmer (Nope), who previously accompanied them on Saturday Night Live, in which they did a sketch series called “Kenan and Kelly.”

In the sequence, Kenan continues to work on the Rigbys while his wife, Kelly, is expecting their child. Kelly visits their store and reminds her old friend of her love of orange soda.

But the reunion went beyond the stage as the two met at the People’s Choice Awards on Tuesday, December 6.

Thompson described the meeting with his star as incredible and admitted that it was all Palmer’s idea.

“Kenan and Kelly” Nickelodeon series.

Time doesn’t seem to have dampened the friendship between the two former Nickelodeon stars who rose to fame with their eponymous show.

The show “Kenan and Kelly”, directed by Dan Schneider, followed the hilarious adventures of the characters, whose means of getting into trouble are truly amazing. Although Kelly is the brains of the team, Kenan earned him second in all of his exploits.

It is worth noting that the main theme of the series was performed by the recently deceased rapper Coolio.

In addition to this sitcom, both actors starred together in such projects as “Kenan and Kelly and the Legend of the Headless Horseman” (2000) and “Good Hamburger” (19997).

Separately, a few years ago, Thompson made cameos in Dan Schneider’s Nickelodeon series like “Victorious” and “!iCarly,” while Mitchell had a starring role in the same creator’s series “Game Shakers,” where he played a billionaire rapper. double c.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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