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Gabriel Ursua shares the emotional moment when he read Hernan’s death script in La Rey Balthazar



Mega’s dramatic area shared an emotional video on the network. There, actor Gabriel Ursua reads his character’s death script in “La Rey Balthazar.”

Wednesday night, one of the most dramatic episodes Balthazar methodculminated The death of Hernan, played by actor Gabriel Urthua, who played one of the series’ most beloved characters .

After the episode aired, The Television Signal released a snippet of the video. Urzua reading the script for the tragic scene The writing begins with Mariano asking Lucas to move Hernan to another clinic.

However, the character who was also a fictional doctor already knew his fate. Gabriel Ursua reads the script calmly, his voice breaking as he reaches Mariano’s final words to Hernan .

Given this, there were several colleagues who came out to comment on the scene. Among them was Carolina Arregui, who commented on the Instagram publication.

“What a weight! I’ve never seen anything like this before. This hits a different chord and spice! What a great job you playwrights do! What a wonderful tool given to actors. Thank you very much!” I will,” he added later.

After the main broadcast, The scene immediately generated a wave of reactions a Twitter fan of the soap opera came out and demanded an explanation as to why the production decided to end such a beloved character.

and that’s it Hernan and Mariano touched the public and aroused sympathy for hidden feelings about sexuality We will also be opening another space for the LGTBIQ+ community on Open TV.

Source: Biobiochile

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