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User Captures Chile’s Will Smith: The Actor Posed and Smiled With Fans at Punta Arenas



Chilean users couldn’t miss the Hollywood star’s presence at Punta Arenas Airport. The actor also greeted and posed with some of his followers.

Various users noticed the following on Thursday afternoon: American actor Will Smith is in southern Chile Specifically, the interpreter was arrested at Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Airport in Punta Arenas.

The first video that went viral was an Instagram video, where netizens shared videos recorded by fans who reported Smith’s presence at the airport. Accompanied by three others, he approaches the exit of the enclosure.

Among them, the same person in charge of recording called the actor and greeted him, The interpreter smiles and greets the camera.

viral arrival

Similarly, another record went viral on Twitter. “Because you didn’t know who was in Chile,” says a voice in a video recording a private plane.

By rotating the camera Smith can be seen smiling and speaking to another person recording him Similarly, After “I Am Legend,” the actor posed for the camera and shared it with various fans.

So far, it is unknown why Smith arrived in the country, as well as various users of social networks. They began to speculate that the arrival at Punta Arenas was a pause for the final voyage to Antarctica. Either way, the actor has not mentioned his travels.

Will Smith’s pre-arrival gift to Chile

Before arriving in Chile, Will Smith devoted himself to keeping a low profile After appearing on one of the Oscars’ most controversial nights after slapping actor and comedian Chris Rock.

An interpreter who responded to a joke directed at his wife’s appearance was ultimately banned from the award. You will not be able to physically or electronically attend the event for 10 years. Similarly, Smith chose to resign from the Academy.

anyway, The actor may continue to be nominated for the above awards.

Source: Biobiochile

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