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Royal family denies being contacted for explosive documentary ‘Harry and Meghan’



The royal family denied any reference to the show, and a royal expert source also assured that they were not interested in meeting Harry and Meghan.

A new controversy arose after the documentary premiered Harry and Meganafter different media warrant it Netflix did not contact the royal family for their version of the event.

The show, which seeks to show the realities of what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have experienced as members of the royal family, He assures in the first episode that he has ruled out participation in the project from his crown.

Specifically, I get a message that reads: “Members of the royal family have declined to comment on the content of this series.”

However, the magazine source people “My family, Buckingham Palace, Prince William’s Kensington Palace office, They were asked to comment on the content of the series. ”

they again, Buckingham Palace will not mention the episode on its streaming platform.

According to the outlet, royal sources assured that both Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace received the email. Claims to be from a third-party production company At an unknown organization’s address.

Prior to the suspicious message, they assured that they had contacted the production company Archewell (which belongs to the Duke of Sussex) and Netflix to try and verify the message. without an answer. They also point out that the email above doesn’t address the series as a whole.

Meanwhile, the Netflix source clarified to the media When!news The offices of Charles III and Prince William were also contacted before the documentary series was released. Give them a chance to reply to the couple’s comments.

Why isn’t the royal family mentioning the Harry and Meghan series?

As for the environment within the British palace, ET Online He spoke to royal expert Katie Nicholl about why Harry’s relatives won’t address the controversy.

“I spoke with the senior adviser at the palace. They are hesitant to comment unless there is something harmful, false or defamatory. ” experts explained.

Similarly, Nicole affirms: They don’t want to promote an already highly hyped documentary series. ” .

“So if we can handle this without them getting involved, I think that’s probably the strategy. Takamiya’s handmaiden was saying It’s important to keep things calm and avoid too many distractions. ” he added.

Similarly, Nichol The royal family wouldn’t be interested in watching the documentary either This points out that “they are doing everything possible to keep things as normal”.

Source: Biobiochile

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