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Days after arriving at CHV: Pantanal cast talks about director who nearly thwarted ’90s version



Actor Osmar Prado recalled the popularity of the original Pantanal version and pointed to the popular director of Chilean soap operas of the 60s, 70s and 80s as responsible for the fact that the project barely came to light. .

Many people immediately recall when talking about successful soap operas in Brazil avenue brazilbut not only gained fame in Brazil, It helped open the international doors for the 1990s Brazilian series. Marshland.

Thus, more than 30 years after its premiere, Paramount+ and CHV are still phenomena. They decided to revive the fiction with a new remake. It evokes the myth of a woman transforming into a jaguar.

At a press conference I attended BioBio Chile the current cast of fiction brings back some actors from the original fiction, recalling and highlighting the Pantanal sensation of the 90s The director, known for his Chilean soap operas, almost prevented the series from being made in the first place.

This was stated by the actor Osmar Prado, who plays the “old man of the river” in fiction. His family were fans of fiction, so he admits he knew about his ’90s series, but the interpreter said, “Pantanal Soap The great success of his opera was the Pantanal itself. No one had ever brought people there before. ”

In this regard, he said that the Brazilian television network, TV Globo, “prioritized the Pantanal production and they went there to see Boni, who decided whether he would produce it or not. The director in charge of the production told Boni that it was impossible to produce anything in the Pantanal.

This is due to terrain conditions. “Then they took the series to another station, Lede Manchette, where they bought the story. Then he had to hire everyone (and right). ” he jokingly recalled.

No one believed that it would be possible to transport groups, machines or sleep in that place, for example. Now that it was the Hollywood Pantanal, I slept in a private room. (Marcos) Palmeira also had its own room, a suite, and a double bed. There were seven people in the room and it was a completely insane time before it exploded,” he said.

Halfway through his talk, Marcos Palmeira himself, who was in the original version, vouched for the director, who labeled the fiction impracticable. Brazil’s Alexandre Avancini Prado seems to remember in detail.

“No, Chilean director Gerval Rossano. They told me he was the one who told Boni it wasn’t possible.If it had been Avancini, he would have said “Let’s do it now!” Let’s do more in the city, in the southern zone, etc. “

nevertheless Rossano was a giant of Chilean soap operas in the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s. director who died in 2007 Born in Brazil From the 90s to 2001, he worked closely with TV Globo after retiring due to heart disease.

A new history of the Pantanal

CHV reports that the central story of this version is the same as the one published more than 30 years ago, but like all fiction,with modifications and adaptations to the current era.

stand out among them one of the main characters is vegan And despite the multiple macho scenes in the original series, gestures “react” in this new version. It also emphasizes that explicit nudity he has fewer scenes.

The series begins with the story of José Leoncio, a wealthy Pantanal farmer who falls in love with a young woman from Rio de Janeiro. The couple live together in the Pantanal,Your wife cannot get used to life in that place, so she flees to the city with her son.

Thus, despite the fact that José Leoncio tries to get his son back, he believes that the boy himself, Joventino, He travels to the Pantanal in search of his father.

Father and son meet again, but their way of life clashes. Rumor has it that he can transform into a jaguar.

series Premieres on Sunday, January 8th After CHV News Central. Similarly, the fiction will also be broadcast on his Paramount+ streaming platform in Latin America.

Source: Biobiochile

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