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‘La vida de nosotras’ director comments on his relationship with the series’ true protagonist



Based on true-life episodes, the series talks about different types of violence against women and focuses on media cases such as Nicole Saavedra and Joane Florvil.

It will premiere on tvN this Thursday. our lifea national series based on 16 true stories that attempt to depict different instances of violence against women thus depicting both acts of violence and how justice unfolds in those cases.

With a female-dominated production team, the fiction features prominent national actresses in episodes such as: Amparo Noguera, Katarina Saavedra, Carla Melo and Francisca Gavilan. Above all, to be able to engage, raise awareness and educate about how women suffer from violence in Chile.

According to the series’ director, Barbara Barrera Morales, the fiction necessary storywhere, in the short story, There were 16 cases of detainee disappearances and human rights violations.

“Here, the choice of story I tried not to be just a representative example of extreme violence. But it also shows other signs of patriarchal violence, to understand that violence against women is a systemic problem,” explained the director of BioBioChile.

Therefore, La vida de nosotros has 16 chapters. Duration 7 to 10 minutes, It’s a narration of another main character in fiction.

A challenge before the series on violence

Barrera also said that despite the fact that the series evokes national media stories, such as the cases of Joane Florvil, Nicole Saavedra, Nicole Casilla and others, They also try to show other stories that have not been seen in the media.

Likewise, the director points to one of the biggest challenges in telling real events. Respect the history of the protagonist, or rather the history of the family.

In this regard, he makes sure that both the women on whom his episodes are based and the relatives of those who are no longer They existed throughout the creation of fiction.

they were involved from the beginning in the case of female murder victims, during the investigative phase with each of the leading women and/or their families. After that we maintained our relationship with them At various stages of creation,” he assured, noting that it ended up being a joint effort.

“The relationship with them has been very valuable. We always try to let them know what stage we were at if we needed to write a script, we would call again to clear up those doubts or pass on any ideas we had,” he recalled.

Similarly, he noted the difficulty of telling a story without falling into sensationalism. “It was a very polite job, but there is always that difficulty (…) I always work on the spot, but always with respect for the story in mind, Many of them are part of our collective memory, but understand that those stories are theirs. ” he emphasized.

the story behind our lives

According to Barrera, despite media stories, They also thought it was important to be able to portray stories that went unnoticed by the press. Or they didn’t show up to instill different facets of violence.

“There are some media stories that have rocked the country socially, but there are also stories that we wanted to give space to because it was interesting to see what we could propose. A case of a private worker who was beaten by her employer in an abortion case a case of sexual and political violence during a social epidemic, and we wanted to give space to the less visible story as well,” he emphasizes.

“Generally, news in the media is most focused on extreme violence, such as when a man murders a woman. There’s also the urgency that signals the other violence that’s taking place on a daily basis. : Workplace sexual harassment or institutional violence, which cuts across the series,” he explains.

As for the latter, “There are still police officers who say, ‘But ma’am, these problems will be solved with love,’ and there are still cases that the investigative police haven’t investigated enough, or that the prosecution hasn’t investigated enough. I regret that. Don’t hit on time. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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