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Gloria Treve breaks her silence ahead of new child abuse trial



Mexican singer Gloria Trevi begins 2023 with two lawsuits against her for corruption of minors.

Almost two decades have passed since the singer was in prison for child abuse. It was only in 2004 when she was acquitted of all charges and it was revealed that she was another victim of her former partner Sergio Andrade.

Now the “Eyes Closed” interpreter is facing new legal troubles, as two women filed a lawsuit against him in late 2022 in Los Angeles, California, accusing him of being part of a child abuse ring, according to Rolling Stone.

He’s not the only one involved, as producer Sergio Andrade, who was serving time in prison for child abuse, was also indirectly sued.

The lawsuit alleges that Trevi manipulated the plaintiffs (who were allegedly 13 and 15 years old at the time) with false promises of fame into becoming sex slaves for the producer. “The victims allege that Trevi groomed them to become Andrade’s sex slaves and that much of their abuse took place in Los Angeles County,” the legal section explains.

Travis’ pose

Facing charges that could land him back behind bars, the singer finally broke his silence with a video posted on social media.

Every hit makes me stronger and makes me human, everything that comes makes me excited… I feel that those who don’t know me will finally know me and everyone will love me in the end,” reads the description of the published video. translator.

The singer was very confident in himself and said that he will be ready for anything.

“I’m going to prepare for everything that anyone on the planet should prepare for, goodness and everything. See you, I love you so much and be well. I’m fine,” Trevi said in his post to his followers.


In the early 2000s, Gloria Trevi was arrested on charges of child abuse. The singer was later acquitted of the charges in 2004.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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