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‘They said ‘wait for me to die inside you’: Chiqui Aguayo and the pain of losing a 4-month pregnancy



In 2018, the comedian opened up about losing a son she was looking forward to, and over the years she’s recounted some heartbreaking episodes.

one of the great pains in the life of Daniela “Chiqui” Aguayo It was a miscarriage in 2018. A traumatic episode in which she managed to get over with the help of her family.

actress and comedian she was four months pregnant when they informed her that the pregnancy was impracticable. “I felt depressed when they told me what they told me. My sister grabbed me,” he confessed on the Todoporti show, which airs this Sunday.

“I was running so hard, my head was so big, I felt like my eyes were wide open not knowing if I was standing or lying down,” she confessed.

“I was so helpless”

For months of pregnancy she had to take advantage Abortion Law for 3 Reasons The response from the specialists she received to terminate the pregnancy only added to her pain.

At that time, the law had just been passed, so he had no help. “In the clinic where I was treated, everyone was out of conscience, and I was left helpless.” I remembered.

“Everyone told me, ‘Wait to die inside you, you’ll die anyway, we won’t do that here.’

Faced with this scenario, Daniela chooses to change clinics, where she finds a doctor willing to treat her.

“I asked him if his son, who was alive at the time, felt pain, and he explained that it was impossible because our son was so developed. We all disarmed and no one was prepared to experience this horror.

Chiqui Aguayo always has the son she calls by her side. Yasser especially through her second daughter, Love was born in the midst of a pandemic.

“I feel like Yasser is everywhere. Amal always has a baby in her hand and she says she has a baby. “Yassar must have been that size when I gave birth to him,” he affirmed.

Source: Biobiochile

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