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Taliban leader interrogates Prince Harry for killing 25 soldiers: ‘They weren’t chess pawns’



Prince Harry continues to stir up controversy over his memoir, some of which began to come to light before its publication.

This Friday, another excerpt from Prince Harry’s book “In the Shadow” caused headlines for his controversial statement. After Prince Harry confessed to killing 25 Taliban soldiers in his book, the Taliban leader’s unwelcome reaction quickly went viral on networks. Working in Afghanistan.

And that his autobiography has been out of the media and public lip since some snippets began to emerge just days before its January 10th release.

As detailed by the British press, the prince said in his book that he had taken part in six missions, all of which resulted in deaths. There he revealed that 25 dead, this statement didn’t go unnoticed .

But it was his words that struck me the most.When I found myself in the heat and chaos of battle, I didn’t think of those 25 as people.They were chess pieces removed from the board eliminated the bad guys before killing the good guys,” he wrote.

Taliban leader upset by Prince Harry’s remarks

And before these sayings, Anas Haqqani, Taliban leader and senior adviser to the interior minister, questioned the prince’s attitude To talk about a death he even called a “war crime”.

“Harry! You killed a human, not a chess piece.they had a family waiting for their return ” he wrote on Twitter. “Not many Afghan killers have the decency to reveal their consciences and confess to war crimes,” he said.

“What you said is true. Our innocent people were chess pieces for soldiers military and political leaders,” he later wrote.

In addition, criticized the prince’s impunity. “I don’t think the ICC will summon you or any human rights activist to convict you, because they are deaf and don’t know you. I hope you will,” he concludes.

This confession has also been questioned by the media, suggesting it could be dangerous to Prince Harry’s safety and to the British front soldiers who worked with him on those missions.

“It’s not a statistic that I’m proud of, but I’m not ashamed of either,” added Carlos III’s youngest son.

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