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Kudai returns and isn’t afraid of urban music: ‘Now we’re in control of our careers’



After 20 years with thousands of followers in Latin America, the national band Kudai is back on the local stage with a new artistic stage.

in a week, nine generations Tickets for the first date at the capital’s Club Chocolate, where the iconic Chilean pop band of the early 2000s are already set to perform for the second time, are all sold out.

To wrap things up, the day will end with a christening post-show party titled “We Love 2000’s.” This title partly contains the spirit of the event. “That decade of his is combined with this period of global introspection of rethinking things globally, which we have experienced during the covid-19 pandemic,” he said. BioBio Chile Once one of the founders of the teenage quartet, Thomas Manzi .

“There was a very important moment that gave new meaning to what we thought was normal and often meaningless. We recognize that the range of what is “acceptable” in quotes is much wider. What we sang then,” he adds, exemplifying his thesis with one of the multi-platinum group’s songs. “Costume” .

“For example, there we talked about the liberation and confinement felt by people in the LGBT community[…] It was a stage of a lot of learning and adolescence for our generation,” says Manzi, making it clear that this does not mean that adulthood is now uncomfortable or disgusting. increase.

To Nicole Natalino the biological growth of the members as well as the music is the driving force and key factor in this new phase, especially when it comes to the collective’s artistic reorientation. “Now, unlike before, we have control over our entire musical career. , when you turn 15 or 16 you will always be very controlled by a third party. It takes away your freedom. And now, on top of everything adulthood means, this has to do with the possibility of taking control of oneself.

According to Manzi, “labyrinth” (2019), an album that marked the return of the completed band Barbara Sepulveda and Pablo Holman (son of famed Chilean bassist and composer Ernesto Holman) stems from this concern: “It was a challenge to be able to meet again as a band, so the album took its name.” But we’ve already made the decision and it’s the most creative part of our career.”

Two years later, in 2021, “mix” a compilation of cover versions of his greatest hits.

Kudai: “It’s common in their country that no one is a prophet.”

Long before Chilean urban music became an international sensation, “Flight” (2004), Kudai’s first formal album, the group’s fame crossed borders and propelled them as references for Latin teen pop. Since then, his name has been replicated in every Spanish-speaking country on the continent with great success. Mexico And the results are still evident today.

Last June, they joined artists such as Dulce Maria, Paty Catú, Bacilos, Nikki Clan, Fanny Lu and Kalimba to 2000s pop tour a tour that offered four shows in the Land of the Aztecs and drew 25,000 people on its debut in Mexico City alone, selling out all tickets.

As a matter of fact, no one is a prophet in their own land, and all successes abroad come to Chile with rebounds. That’s happening in most of the art-related industries. When I see a play in Berlin, I say, “Oh, I have to go see it.” It happened to us even our own friends. Those are rough examples, but it’s something we had to go through in adolescence for a long time,” says Manzi.

(Q): Today, in terms of time: Are there aspects of your career at Kyushu University that you would have handled differently?

(NN): We were very involved. I was given a lot of freedom without being tied down too much. At the age of 15, he had no experience writing songs entirely on his own, but musically he developed very well.

(TM): Of course, we would have done otherwise when it came to all prize money resources and all subsequent distribution methods. It was also a time when social networks weren’t as massive as they are today, and information wasn’t as immediate. I had to wait months to realize these things. But certainly a good stage to reunite on a professional level, not just for jokes like when we were kids just memorizing lyrics and singing and having a good time.

(Q): A few days ago, you said you wanted to make “urban music with emotional lyrics”. Is there any chance to make that wish come true?

(NN): You can do all kinds of fusions in music now. Kudai has a lot to contribute in terms of lyrics and meaning. I like urban and there are artists with very beautiful voices. Soulfia did a collaboration with her Natalino (a trio led by Nicole’s brother her Cristián Natalino) which I really like. I don’t have any prejudices about music now, so I don’t care about anything urban. Music is learning. And don’t be afraid to try.

Source: Biobiochile

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