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Javiera Stuardo clarifies uncomfortable live exchange with Rodrigo Sepulveda over lunch invitation



This Saturday, an awkward moment between Sepu and a journalist went viral on social networks.

After an unpleasant moment lived news alert Journalist this Saturday Javier Stewart he came out to defend his good relationship with the entertainer Rodrigo Sepulveda .

It all started when a reporter boarded a flight from the Santiago train station to Chillán to discuss ticket prices and talk to passengers.

When the three were about to leave, he joked, “I’m really happy to go to Chiang, but they didn’t keep me out of the waterway. I have to stay.”

At that moment, “Sep” intervened and said, “Don’t forget that I invited you to lunch today. I can’t go to Chiyan. We have to have lunch together.”

That was where the problem started. “When did you give me that invitation? I don’t really remember, but I have really good memories, ”said the journalist.

Sepulveda explained that it was 07:00 while they were putting on their makeup. “You said to me ‘Oh, that’s a great Sepu. Let’s have lunch together’ and you go to Chiyan. It can’t be. So let’s meet for a while, remember please,” he said.

“I have a problem. I’ll start with the very basics. You didn’t arrive at half past seven. I arrived. You arrived after eight,” Stuardo replied.

Rodrigo Sepulveda replied jokingly. With this in mind, Javiera Stardo accepted the proposal.

“I take it, I accept it, I accept it. I hope it is something rich. I think citizens themselves choose what they eat.”

Javiera Stuardo faces Rodrigo Sepulveda

The exchange went viral on social networks, with multiple comments among netizens regarding the discomfort caused by the moment.

Because of this, Javier Stuardo responded via Instagram, denying any kind of bad relationship with Rodrigo Sepulveda.

“In light of the series of videos aired on RRSS, I want to make it clear that my relationship with Sep stems from a great friendship that has been going on for many years.

“We talk about different topics all the time, but that trust and friendship goes beyond the screen. ” he concluded.

Answer from Daniela Stuardo
Mega | Instagram

Source: Biobiochile

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