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Carlos Villagran bids farewell to the character of “Kiko”.



Carlos Villagran played for the first time

Carlos Villagran first played “Kiko” in the TV show “El Chavo del 8” in the 70’s.

After 50 years of playing the character that gained worldwide fame, actor Carlos Villagran bids farewell to “Kiko”. The Mexican comedian told the media that he will stop playing the character that marked his career.

“The time has come to say goodbye to people, to say goodbye to everyone. Because of my age, with respect for me, with respect for people, with respect for everyone. I’m old enough to retire,” he admitted.

At the age of 78, Villagran thanks God and his audience for his long journey on stage.

“I am doing this farewell with great love, I have been doing the character of Kiko for more than half a century. I will be 79 years old next January 12, I am in very good health and this allows me to play the character and I am blessed, thank God, that I have the same voice as Kiko,” Villagran told the cameras of the program. business show.

“The voice still allows me to put on Kiko and go out in front of people and make them laugh,” she added.

Villagran also gave us details on what will be his last tour with Circo de Los Hermanos Caballero, which will see him visit some cities in the United States such as Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Another reason the actor decided to retire was to travel with his wife and revealed that his plans also include starting a business and writing a memoir.

Don Ramon, his best friend.

Among the nostalgia, Villagran took the opportunity to remember his best friend and colleague, Ramon Valdes, who played Don Ramon in Chavo’s Neighbor.

“Don Ramon was very sick and he was in the hospital in Santa Elena, and I went to see him and I knew I was going to say goodbye to him,” she says.

“It was very painful for me, I already saw it very badly, I hugged her and started crying and she told me: “Don’t cry anymore, you brat, I will wait for you there” and I asked her: “To the Lord?”, “Don’t be stupid down there”, he joked.

A boy with puffy cheeks.

“Kiko”, a boy with puffy cheeks and funny jokes, was one of the most famous characters of the 1970s and 1980s TV series El Chavo del 8, which became a global phenomenon.

After leaving the show, Villagran continued to play the character, which caused him a dispute with Roberto Gómez Bolaño, the creator of the comedy, and his wife, Florinda Meza.

However, the controversy over the rights of the character did not prevent Villagran from taking “Kiko” to different countries of the world with fun adventures, making children and adults laugh in circuses.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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