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In the belief that ‘dangerous’ Camilla and Diana were alive: Harry’s confession in an interview



In various confessions, Prince Harry claimed for years he believed Diana of Wales faked her death, ruling out racism in the royal family.

Sunday night, Prince Harry gave a series of interviews on set to promote his autobiography ‘In the Shadows’ he gave new details about his relationship with the royal family and his relationship with the royal family after his marriage to Meghan Markle.

So, for example, he mentioned his relationship with his father and brother, whom he claimed had been out of touch with for a long time. Prince William and wife Kate Middleton welcomed Markle under the stereotypical stigma .

However, her statement escalated as she described Camila as “dangerous” in her quest to clean up her image. For years she believed her mother, Diana of Wales, had faked her death.

Harry and William: A Sibling Relationship Marked By Fights

in a conversation with ITVHarry admitted that he had always had a distant relationship with his brother and that a “competition” arose between them after the death of his mother, Diana.

He therefore assured that he was in a distant relationship, He believed Markle’s arrival could bring their relationship closer to a possible bond between the actress and Kate Middleton.

But it never happened. He explained this as follows: Because the media stereotyped that Meghan was ‘American, actress, divorced, mixed-race’ those who acted as a “barrier” to prevent William and Kate from “hosting” her.

his brother He came to attack him after arguing with him about calling his American wife “rude” and a “troll”.

In any case, Prince Harry said his brother “never tried to dissuade me from marrying her. He immediately conveyed some concerns to me: “This will be very difficult for you”, And to this day I don’t understand exactly what he meant. But hey, maybe he was just predicting how the British press would react.

frivolous mourning

Similarly, the Duke of Sussex said: After the death of his mother, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder Died in a car accident in 1997.

As a result, he learned that his father, Charles III, She didn’t even hug him when she told him of his mother’s death. Sitting in bed at the age of 12 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

after the news Harry admitted he ‘cried only once’ over his loss during the funeral, he felt “guilt” for not being able to mourn his mother.

“When we were children, the role of the British press was evident in our mother’s misery. I had a lot of anger inside me, but luckily I didn’t tell anyone. ” feel safe in conversation with 60 minutes.

Therefore, everything spilled out years later, without expressing his feelings. “I resorted to bingeing.Because I wanted to numb my senses or wanted to distract me from what I was thinking.

belief that his mother was alive

Likewise, the mourning, still-teenager Prince Harry He began to believe that his mother was still alive and that she had only faked her own death and disappeared from the public eye.

I refused to accept that he was gone Part of me was like, ‘She couldn’t have done this to us,’ but I was also like, ‘This is all part of the plan,'” he said. .

Similarly, he noted that his brother, William, had similar thoughts. We believed that one day she would call us and we would meet again.

Finally, at age 20, Harry asked to see police files. A fact that ended his dream of reuniting with his mother. This was because the file contained an image that showed the photographer taking pictures of the deceased Diana in her car.

According to Harry The last thing Diana saw before she died was a camera flash.

In addition, Stop by the scene of the accident Rather than blaming the mother’s driver for drinking, the police sought to confirm whether the accident was actually caused by the paparazzi’s maneuver to escape.

“Dangerous” Queen Camilla

Speaking to the American press, Harry also Both he and his brother remembered asking their father not to marry Camilla .

“We didn’t think we needed it. We thought it would do more harm than good And if they were together now, that would be enough,” he recalled.

However, the wedding went on, and Carlos’ children saw “how happy he was with her” and accepted the idea.

In any case, the Duke of Sussex has since the British press painted her as a “villain” before Jorge and Diana’s marriage ended. She began seeking to “recover her image.”

it made her dangerous , because of the connections he had made within the British press. There was an open will on both sides to exchange information. And being with her hierarchically based family, she would have been affected by that on her way to becoming a queen,” he commented.

He says the same thing in his book. According to the leak, Prince Harry claimed he was “victimized” at Camilla’s “personal PR altar.”

Either way, he affirmed that he loved Camila as much as his family. “She is my stepmother. I don’t see her as a bad stepmother. I see people marrying into this institution and doing everything possible to improve their reputation and their image for their own benefit,” he said.

Prince William and his other breakup

But mourning his mother wasn’t the only action he experienced alone.A conversation with Anderson Cooper on an American show 60 minutesthe prince revealed that The royal family did not invite him to fly with other blood relatives to say goodbye to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Learning of his grandmother’s fragile health, the Duke of Sussex decided to contact his brother, Prince William, to confirm his travel plans to Balmoral.

“I called my brother and asked, ‘What’s your plan?’ How are you and Kate[Middleton]going to get there?” A few hours later, the entire family from the Windsor and Ascot neighborhoods boarded the plane together. It’s a 12-seat, 14-seat, maybe 16-seat plane,” he said.

When I asked the interviewer, “Weren’t you invited on that plane?” the simple answer was “I wasn’t invited.” Thus, Harry flew to Bmoral alone, but upon arrival, Her grandmother had already died.

“When I entered the room, my aunt[Princess Anna]was there to greet me,” he recalled. It was she who asked him if he wanted to meet Elizabeth II.

“I thought, ‘Is this all right?’ for five seconds. And I said to myself: ‘What do you know? you can do this I need to say goodbye” So I went upstairs, took off my jacket, went inside, and spent some time alone with her. “

Prince Harry and the royal family’s racist remarks

From 2021 onwards, Harry and wife Meghan Markel will Relatives of the prince have expressed “concerns” about Archie’s skin color. his son, the Duke, wanted to avoid describing those comments as “racist.”

As I understand from my own experience, There is a difference between racism and unconscious prejudice.” he also pointed out and assured that he had that mindset before he met his wife.

“But when you are recognized or pointed out as an individual or organization with that unconscious bias, You have the opportunity to learn and grow from it. so that it becomes part of the solution rather than the problem,” he said.

The prince again refused to reveal the identity of the relative, and his family told him, “We were going to try and change a few things when it came to diversity. But I’ve always been open to help with anything, and it hasn’t happened. ” .

What are the chances of a settlement?

Similarly, he indicated he was looking to reconcile with his family as much as possible despite the fact that he had not spoken to the king and heir to the throne “for a long time”.

The Duke of Sussex is therefore confident he will never be a member of the royal family again, but wants to reconcile with his relatives, and that both he and Meghan are “We openly apologize for what we did wrong.”

Meanwhile, on ITV, he secured a settlement As long as his own family was “responsible”, it was “100% possible”.

“just now, I don’t recognize my father or brother in the same way they probably don’t recognize me. ” he assured in the same interview.

Carlos and Diana’s youngest child, who now lives in the United States, said: It remains to be seen whether he will be invited to the coronation of Charles III in London in May. but be aware that “a lot can happen” until then.

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