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“In this country, whoever has no means will die”: Luis Andaul comments that he suffers from bilateral thrombosis



The journalist shared a video and said he was hospitalized at the Las Condes Clinic for several days after suffering from a bilateral thrombosis.

Biologist and journalist Luis Andaul revealed on social networks: He was admitted to the clinic after suffering bilateral thrombosis assured that they decided not to reveal everything right away because they “didn’t want to surprise them.”

Who was the host of a show like bystander Also Chronicle of the bystandershared a video showing a record of their stay at the clinic. He is transported inside the medical facility on a stretcher.

Similarly, other days are shown in which he reveals, “I was so complicated.” “Today he is on his fourth or fifth day, but at least Transferred from cardiac ICU to cardiac ICU and that’s a very important advancement,” he says in the video.

Just after Andaur shows up, prepare to drop off your luggage by then Please show me a video of him jogging.

“good, Left the clinic 2 days ago after having a bilateral thrombosis, heart attack, etc. I am already training. Those are the possibilities that recovery gives me,” he comments on his record.

Alongside the video, Andaur confirms in a text that “this happened to me recently.” “i didn’t want to surprise you just replying to the many followers who have had a bad time due to accidents or illnesses and they tell me their problems.

“The truth is that I used all my strength and brains to get out of this misfortune. I had huge blood clots in both lungs, plus a heart attack, so my chances were slim. So I decided to move forward,” he said.

Likewise, the communicator said, “I was going to have some aftereffects, but I’m kind of tough and a fighter,” noting, “Six days later, I was jogging and biking.”

“After a few months, I’m full of energy and I feel like I’ve put myself in order. Never give up on what you love, with a powerful message to everyone To overcome adversity, he foresaw, I have many lives, ”he concluded.

For videos of his own exercises, several users called for Andaur to rest, and journalists vouched for it. It was all due to “months sitting at home at the computer with no activity.”

“Life is safer when you are happy with what you are doing. My field is naturally sport. It kept me alive and I was off it. ” he pointed out.

‘ also said.have a genetic problem The person above sent me and science worked it out.

“The truth is Anyone who has no means or money will die in this country So having good insurance, being near a good clinic with good doctors, and my self-sufficiency woke me up. Not everyone can count on it. ” he added to his comment.

Luis Andaul and the thrombosis he suffered

according to mayo clinic, Thrombosis occurs when A blood clot forms in one or more deep veins of the body usually on the legs.

Sometimes, These blood clots can travel through the body and block arteries in the lungs. .

This isn’t the first time a communicator has become thrombosed. In the morning of 2016, nice to meet you Andaur broke his ankle while playing football and while awaiting surgery, 3 blocked arteries.

animal and nature lover He ended up having two surgeries at the Las Condes Clinic.

Source: Biobiochile

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