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Miguelito recalled death threats and abuse he received at the circus: ‘They locked me up’



Former company member Morande recalled that in his experience, he was even given death threats after leaving that circus.

Jester and comedian Hans Malpartida, better known in Chile as ‘Miguelito’, will be the new guest of the programme. text gamehe will recall his beginnings in Chile when he arrived at the Peruvian circus. He was abused many times and kept him locked up.

In a preview shared by Channel 13, the comedian recalled various moments in his life, including a humble but fun childhood and arriving at the circus.

Specifically, they recruited him into a Peruvian circus as the world’s smallest clown, naming him “Miguelito”. Nevertheless, his memory was not positive especially when they remember the first time they brought him in to play in Chile.

So they forced him to stay locked in the room. You have no right to leave. they locked me upI was her diamond in the rough And they knew that if they exposed me, they would lose me, and that I would continue working here.

Similarly, Miguelito at the circus Abuse was cross-cutting with all staff “I had a hard time. I cried all six months before I arrived in Chile. I just wanted to go home. I had my suitcase and someone was behind me and said I felt like you were there to pick me up.”

Despite everything, “Miguelito” managed to work with the Chilean circus company. However, he is not free from his former employer. They persecuted him and even threatened to kill him.

“They owed me money and were left. they made fun of me and humiliated me The cheapest thing they told me was that thanks to them I ate, in my town I would starve. They also threatened me, they told me “Be careful and pray to God. Years from now, he will still kill you.” he said.

Nevertheless, after working in Chile, his name grew little by little and he became known for his height. “I grew about 15 centimeters,” he said.

Between events and the circus, his life changed halfway through the disco. Morande and friendsWho I thought it was a boy at first.

Knowing that it was a small adult, the producer offered Malpartida to star in a famous star. “I literally froze. I told him, ‘Who doesn’t want to go to Morande,'” he said.

However, despite the deal, on the day of the event, the comedian Tell yourself that you were merely invited as a member of the masses, When everything was an invitation to join the program.

Source: Biobiochile

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