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Julio Milostich and the challenge of playing twins in Game of Illusions: ‘They aren’t all that different’



The actor spoke to BioBioChile about his character in the new mega-teleseries Juego de Ilusiones. “One is a snake charmer and the other is dedicated to living a day-to-day life, earning money and having a good family,” he said.

Mega will be unveiled this Monday afternoon fantasy game,series Actors Julio Milostic and Carolina Aregui are the main characters A story full of mysteries, secrets and lies.

In fiction, one of the greatest challenges, Milostić, in addition to being the great protagonist Julian, He also plays the twin brother of his character Guillermo.

“Like any good project, I always knew it was a twin, but the truth is, I found it tremendously fascinating. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t easy. ” acknowledges Milostich in a conversation with BioBioChile.

According to the actor, at first he believed sibling differences would become part of the classic topic of fiction, saying, “Certainly. The script is believed to show that one is very good and the other is very bad or one of them is very rich and the other is very poor.

But he asserts thatthey are not that different Either way, they have significant behavioral complications, despite the fact that “economic conditions condition them.”

About the challenge of playing two roles at once, the actor casually said, because Trust the story script completely.

Julio Milostic and the Struggle to Draw the Twins

According to the interpreter, he wants Guillermo and Julian to be naturally different. “Because they are two brothers and have the same blood, I don’t see the idea of ​​racking your brain looking for differences.” Explanation.

The idea, in Milostic’s words, is “to create twins in the most natural way possible.”Both have the same face and their own charm And their stories to face soon.”

Regarding the moment they share the screen, Milostić does not delve into the techniques used. “A very delicate scene.”

“Soon we’ll see how the challenge of seeing them together plays out. Especially if the difference is not that noticeable one is a snake charmer and the other is a perfect father, all focused on making money and building a good family,” he says.

When thus consulted and recalling the various twins that existed in Chilean soap operas, Julio Milostić Highlight the actor as “one of the examples to review” : Alvaro Rudolfi.

“What I remember most is the soap opera with Albertito. i love the marketWhere He created a super-loved character.” comment.

“Alvaro has to be a twin, and he cites her as one of the examples to review. Albertito shot him.” Explanation.

Source: Biobiochile

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