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‘Intense but funny’: Jean-Philippe Cretton on CHV Morning Live’s animated adaptation



The journalist took over the direction of the morning show “Contigo en la Magnana” with Montserrat Alvarez during Julio Cesar Rodriguez’s vacation. Cretton also noted his continuity on the channel.

This Monday, CHV drivers Jean-Philippe Cretton replaced Julio Cesar Rodriguez in the morning morning with youthus marking his return to live animation.

in a conversation with BioBio Chile The journalist shared his predictions on the channel, how he’s facing this busy week.

morning with you world we can talkat the same time

CHV’s face, which usually occupies the channel screen at night with recorded programs, looks back on the drastic change to 5 hours of live broadcasting and simultaneous recording. we can talk.

“Mondays are less of a problem, they start like Wednesdays. Wake up like a prickly pear on Monday and don’t have a big draw but for example I have to do PH today so I finish late there and tomorrow I have to go there early so tomorrow will be more grudge than today Creton said.

However, he added: Now that they are generally outdated, it’s always good to face these challenges. Some weeks are intense, but this one is intense but fun. ” .

Regarding his persistence in the morning, the entertainer revealed that it will only last until Friday, or as long as Julio Cesar Rodriguez’s vacation lasts.

The future of Jean-Philippe Cretton at CHV

The TV host also mentioned his continuity with the channel and his projects.

“I’m paying attention to the plays that come out. PH suggests specific challenges and on-air predictions for the year. I return “, he argued.

Source: Biobiochile

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