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‘Shakira is by her side’ espadrilles: the pros, cons and memes of Juego de Ilusiones’ debut



The soap opera premiered Monday night, adding multiple reactions on social networks. The fiction continues this Tuesday at 3:30 PM.

This Monday night, Juego de Ilusiones premiered. This is the new mega his teleseries starring Signal Afternoon. After the first episode, we’ve already added criticism, praise, and of course memes.

And the fiction is that it managed to achieve an online rating of 19.0 units at its launch peak of 16.3 units. The story of Mariana Nazir and her upcoming revenge has been shown.

With such an audience, many users wanted to comment on the fiction on social networks, and soap opera became a trending topic on Twitter based on the meme. Comparison with Shakira more.

However, like some users, not all comments were positive. criticized the similarities between fiction and extinct hidden truth and the fact that there were topics already seen in other fiction, such as the idea of ​​infidelity and bringing twins.

fantasy game It focuses on Mariana, a woman who has been married to Julian Maldonez (Julio Milostic) for 25 years and lives a stable and quiet life. Nevertheless, One day, she discovers that her husband is having an affair with his best friend. a fact that avenges her.

And the mother of the family is unaware of seeing how her life can be turned upside down after that action. Not only is her husband not who she thought he was, his whole life is a lie.

Mariana’s revenge was one of the things we talked about the most. Because, unlike what has been seen in other soaps in her operas, she does not lament the deception she has suffered, Determined to take revenge, she kidnaps her husband to make him pay.

With his disappearance, little by little Julian’s secrets begin to unfold before Mariana’s eyes. After spending years in hiding.

Despite the premiere fantasy game It happened just after 9pm. Fiction continues this Tuesday at 3:30 PM. will have the opportunity to watch the first episode at 2:25 p.m.

Click here for reactions to the premiere

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