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All about the Olmué Huaso Festival 2023: when, where and who will perform



Mon Laferte, Santa Feria, Illapu and more are among the artists taking to the stage at Festival del Waso de Ormue this week. Folklore and humor competitions are also held at the El Patagul Amphitheater event.

There are many festivals in January, and one of them is just around the corner.of Ormue Waso Festival 2023 returns after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic and already has a full schedule.

produce Ormue City organized in conjunction with Chilean National Television (TVN) the 52nd edition of the event will be hosted by Eduardo Fuentes When Yvette Vergara.

The competition in the city of Valparaiso, as in all versions, Ormue Pattagal Park Amphitheater It will be broadcast on open signals under the direction of Julio Acevedo during the week.

moreover, bio bio radio A person who makes official radio broadcasts.

When is the Olmué Huaso Festival 2023?

This week, the music takes place in El Patagual for four days.from January 19-22 will be the return of Waso de Ormue Festival 2020 and later was the last version.

Thursday to Sunday from 10pm the live broadcast of the contest can be viewed through TVN.

Ormue Waso Festival 2023
La Combo Tortuga, Fourth Night of Ormue Festival 2019 |

Artist: schedule here

Mon Raferte Responsible for opening events. Viña Marina, who will make her debut on the stage of Festival Delwasode Her Ormue, is not alone.

As announced on social networks, the orchestra will floral women, From Oaxaca, Mexico, I will accompany her to her presentation. Formed in 2006 by 40 women, the group performs traditional Mexican music.

national folk music group Irap not only set Entreme , holy fair and urban singers, sister are other artists participating in the event.

Comedians make the audience laugh at the Ormue Waso Festival. fika bass drum world Natalie Nickle .

Additionally, the event will host a folklore contest. There are 8 participating songs.

1. “Long live the fields” by Cristian Caceres by “Los Bravos de Talca”

2. Performance of “Hello RapaNui” and “Grupo Mai Hiva” by Mitziu Munoz

3. “Poyewün” by Romina Nunez, performed by Romina Nunez and Pancho Miranda

4. “Native Peoples” by Pamela Kotras, performed by Cantando Applend a Hubbler

5. “Naira Pacha” by Sandra Kakeo, performed by Sandra Kakeo

6. “Raices” by Felipe Dubo, performed by Felipe Dubo

7. Performance of Alejandro Guardia’s “Grandparents’ Carnival” and “Uncurry”

8. Playing José Arturo Chavez’s “Where the Water Lives” and “Voses de Aisen”

Next, check the artist’s schedule by day.

Thursday, January 19th

  • Mon Raferte
  • Natalie Nickle
  • buzz his cousin
  • Friday, January 20th

  • Irap
  • Alex Ortiz
  • rose and red
  • Saturday, January 21st

  • turtle combo
  • Lewis Slimming
  • young sister
  • Sunday, January 22nd

  • Entreme
  • fika bass drum
  • holy fair
  • Where can I buy festival tickets?

    Tickets still available for Waso de Ormue Festival The price range is $33,000 to $79,200 including service charge.

    The first day is gallery only, but tickets are still available. On the other hand, Friday and Saturday in all places.

    There are only a few gallery tickets left on Sunday, when the gallery is closed.

    If you want to buy tickets, you need to visit ticket point . can be entered. click here.

    Source: Biobiochile

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