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Monica Rodriguez, the actress behind Camila in ‘Game of Illusions’ caught the public’s attention



Megha’s successful fictional debut has brought viewers’ eyes to the irreverent character Camilla, played by Monica Rodriguez.

This Monday, a new mega daytime soap opera, Juego de Ilusiones, debuted on our screens. With a story that promised several plot twists, actress Monica Rodriguez was the new face that came to the channel and caught the attention of viewers.

In the new fiction, Monica personifies one of Mariana Nazir’s daughters. Mariana Nazir is characterized by her strong character, being in love and owning her own beauty salon.

However, Camilla is deeply and secretly in love with her sister Sofia’s boyfriend and is determined to be with him.

An interpreter for Camila Maldonez in fiction, she said she started acting when she was still in school. 7 pages: “During my adolescence, I had the unexpected opportunity to appear in a school play. I must have been around 15 or 16. A very strong feeling awakened in it, and I cannot avoid it.” was.

For this reason, when he graduated from the senior year, he decided to study theater professionally. From that moment on, I never stopped acting and explored my artistic interests.

As he explained to the national media, his work in Juego de Ilusiones also functions as a school, as it is his first experience acting in a soap opera.

“It is exciting to have the opportunity to explore acting in an audiovisual language that is completely unfamiliar to me. ’” Monica Rodriguez affirms.

Game of Illusions is Mega’s new daytime novel taking over from Hasta encontrarte. It stars Mariana Nazir (Carolina Allegui) and Julian Guillermo (Julio Milostic), a married couple who are infatuated and vengeful.

Source: Biobiochile

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