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Eduardo Lavani speaks for the first time about cancer affecting him: ‘Physiologically I’m bad’



The actor has addressed for the first time how he coped with the cancer diagnosis he faced almost a year ago.

comedian Eduardo Lavani He became known for playing the role of Senor Zanyartu in Japning with Hahe mentioned how he faced a cancer diagnosis he had lived with for almost a year.

had a conversation with 7 pages Also an actor, he affirmed in a very honest way:

On how he has dealt with his illness, Ravani said public affection was one of the most important factors. Street, and it’s been 40 years already (…) And because people show me love, it gives me more incentive to keep fighting.

The comedian is currently participating in the Mega Program of the Mega Festival organized by José Antonio Neme and will soon perform some scenes in Sebastian Badilla’s film “Noche de Sol”.

Regarding these instances, Eduardo Lavani said, “The fact that material that was broadcast on Mega and was never repeated again appears on screen gives me satisfaction, so that they make him ‘the most important thing. And using the phrase “I’m not going to die until the last person who remembers us dies”, that’s what I want to express. It says it all,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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