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“It didn’t work, I didn’t like it”: Gino Costa refers to his role as a constant understudy on TVN.



Journalists were consulted about his constant rotation on TVN programs. The fact is that the communicator initially admitted that they were not to his liking.

Journalist Gino Costa commented on his role on TVN after participating on multiple occasions as a stand-in for various faces of The Signal, saying, At first it was ‘not good’, but now I accept my situation.

Costa spoke with Sergio Malavori in an online program time to speakwhen talking about his career, the interviewer wanted to mention the circumstances in which the former is. have a nice weekend at tvN.

“The Raquel Argandona effect happens to me because she says, ‘This kid is brilliant, talented, But it always gets replaced. It’s a patch (…) What does this feeling of being an undisputed understudy do to you?” he asked.

“Introduction, When I got sick of it, it didn’t work and I didn’t like it.” the communicator admitted.

In any case, Costa declared that today was a different feeling. He’s starting to mature a bit and start taking things with a different flavor.

“And if you look to the side, I’ve been lucky enough to have great friends on TV, and many have left in their stead. ” he emphasized.

“Look at my best friend Karen Doggenweiler. She became widely known and people started admiring her talent. Successor to Margot Karl Good morning everybody then it is given no matter what happenshe made a great duo with Julian and now nice to meet you yohe remembered.

Recalling that likewise the same thing happened to Julian Elfenbein and Martín Carcamo, who began to gain popularity as replacements for Felipe Camiroaga, “Even TVN cared about it,” Carcamo said.

“Those are steps that have to be taken too, and I think it’s coming. I really put that anxiety aside.” he argued.

Now Gino Costa works as a morning entertainer Good morning everybody at tvN, Role until March of this year when journalists Eduardo Fuentes and Maria Luisa Godoy arrived to revitalize the space.

Source: Biobiochile

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