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About forgotten beginnings or melancholy in the collages of Maruša Štibelj and Eva Mlinar



At the joint exhibition in the Pogled Gallery in Kamnik

Melancholy is a topic that Maruša Štibelj and Eva Mlinar question in many collages, individually or in dialogue. What their collages have in common is multi-layered and sometimes fragmentary.

You can see their works at the joint exhibition in the Pogled Gallery in Kamnik until February 10. The two artists joined forces for the first time in the joint creation of a major urban intervention – a mural welcoming the race around Italy on one of the walls of Novi Gori. In the last period, they are united by a collage, with which they express their views on the problems of modern society. But what separates them is their approach – Marus’s is more digital and Eva’s is analog. At the exhibition itself, you can ignore the subtitles and test yourself in guessing who is the author of a particular collage through the differences in their thinking and artistic derivations.

Eva and Maruša take us to new dimensions, they create new, fantastic ones from real worlds, which, however, carry meaningful content, multiple meanings, so that each story unfolds differently for everyone. They reveal their intimate questions, doubts, thoughts that touch on their views on the chaos unfolding in the seemingly pleasant world around us, on a society that is losing its basic values,” wrote the curator of the exhibition Saša Bučan.

Their collages are multi-layered, sometimes fragmentary, they take motifs from everywhere – from different contexts and place them in new stories. When we enter the small gallery space of Pogleda, we have moved into a surrealist studio. Although the works of art are subtitled, they can evoke completely different associations in the consumer, so the subtitles only serve as a hint or a trigger. Without melancholy, the world would be deprived of many artistic creations, as some of the best artistic creations have been born from it.

Maruša Štibelj (1986) graduated in art pedagogy at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana. In 2018, she received the jury prize for her work at the Salon of Fine Arts in Paris Chronically late. She is a member of the ZDSLU and the Kranj Art Association and the artistic director of the contemporary collage festival KAOS.

Eva Mlinar (1985) she completed the study of art history at the Faculty of Arts and the study of visual communications at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She was already taught to draw by her grandmother, who was a master of stone majolica painting. In 2019, together with the writer Eva Mahkovic, she published a literary-visual collection of grotesques of an incompatible genre, Vignette the cowardwhich received the grand prize of the Slovenian Book Fair as the most beautiful book in 2019.

Source: Rtvslo

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