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Themes, new places, a call to sustainability: this will be the new Viña del Mar Gala



The first event of the Viña Festival will take place on Friday 17th February and will feature a range of new details brought to the evening.

This Wednesday morning, channels TVN and Canal 13 shared new details about what the next Viña del Mar Gala, an event held as a prelude to the Viña Festival, will look like.

The night will be broadcast as a program called “Noche Cero, the New Gala of the Festival”, directed by Tonka Tomich and Eduardo Fuentes, and will be a “new and meaningful” event.

One of the main differences from other versions of the space is that it will be held in the newly renovated Plaza de Columbia.

Details of the new Vina del Mar Gala

According to the sign, the gala will be held entirely in person and will have a theme where guests have to inspire their own looks, along with prominent faces from the show, television and more.

Specifically, participants were required to create costumes with themes focused on air, water and land, and similarly encouraged evening participants to “play with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.” increase.

“Nowadays, on a global level, designers and big stars are focusing on friendly and less polluting fashion. A new combined expression is born, all with singularity and creativity, ”they stand out in their statement.

Alexis Zamora, executive producer of the new program, also pointed out that Gala’s revival “will be something new and different than what people know.”

“In this sense, we focus on what is simple and natural, aligned with what people and the environment need and want today, and appealing to our connection with what is setting global trends. ‘ he concluded…

The gala will be held on February 17th and will be broadcast on both Channel 13 and tvN.

Source: Biobiochile

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