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From gymnasts to former reality girls: Here are the celebrities confirmed for “Here you dance.”



An upcoming dance show has revealed the names of celebrities who will be participating in a competition for prize money from amateur dancers to professional dancers.

No premiere date has been announced yet, but Channel 13 has already started announcing the names of high-profile participants. here you dance .

In 2022, the space hosted by Sergio Lagos will return to the screens and the famous dancers will be ranked. Cristian Ocaransa, Francesca Signa, Valentina Roth and above all. Nevertheless, Quique Foundes was named the great winner of that edition .

Well, the 2023 season of dance competitions will see familiar faces vie for prizes. Gymnast, actor and former reality girl .

confirmed celebrity here you dance

Thomas Gonzalez

gymnast Over 300 medals achieved throughout his career, three olympics was first confirmed in the contest.

Tomás Gonzalez, 37, is preparing to make his debut on the small screen in a far from discipline.

Lissandra Silva

Cuban arrived in Chile in 2017 after winning a mega reality show “Double Temptation” Accompanied by Leandro Penna from Argentina, she entered the program as a panelist and became known for her experiences in beauty pageants.

later, After participating in various artists’ music videos, in which dancer Power Peralta revealed his relationship with Raul, someone who shares a passion for dance and two children: Noah and Leia.

Nicole Gaultier

After being commended for his participation as a judge in the transformitas contest switchUruguayan Nicole Gaultier also participated here you dance For the 2023 season.

Nicole is a character played by a Uruguayan Marcelo Alvarez became one of the most famous drag actors on the local scene.

When Producing and performing in outstanding music hall shows such as “Tacones y algo más” where he served for years, honoring music divas such as Liza Minnelli and Cher. Artistic Director of Disco Bunker .

Fernanda Garces

she is the daughter of Singer Miguel Garces and dancer Barbara Peláez both parts of the successful but defunct TV show “Rojo, fama/contrafama”. She started her artistic career at the age of 6 and is now a world champion in gymnastics. .

He has also stepped up in television. His first appearance on the small screen was In 2014, she pole danced in Chirivicion’s children’s talent space ‘Superstar’ and in 2022 she competed in TVN’s talent show ‘Talento rojo’. .

There, her participation was often criticized and commented on, but she decided to retire before the end of the project, devoting herself to competing in cheerleaders, and she decided to travel to the United States. I was forced.

Hernan Contreras

at age 34, Contreras is a regular in telenovelas and national series. has stood out in over 10 similar projects throughout his career. “I rule here” tvN until 2011 “deep love”issued in 2022 by Mega, “Mama Tufted”, “20 at 40”, “Hidden Truth” or”Helga and Flora”among several others.

Since childhood, Hernan has had a strong connection with dancing, which has always been a hobby. He was particularly fond of pop music, and as an adult he became prominent at weddings with his dance steps, including the ax choreography. Now she enjoys dancing by uploading videos on social networks.

Janice Pope

It’s been 20 years since she appeared on the reality show that catapulted her to stardom. “star fame””(2009).

Janis is a classical dancer by profession and has studied at the Municipal Theater of Santiago for 10 years. , and from that place he has a great experience in this regard.Actually in 2009 In her second season, she stood out and became the new winner of the competition space “Febre de baile” in Chirivicion. .

Fourteen years later, 38-year-old Janice Pope once again demonstrates her passion and talent for dance with Aquí se baila. And she will do so by waiting to live in Argentina based in the city of Cordoba.

Kurt Carrera

actor and comedian Kurt Carrera gained immense popularity as a member of “Painless Brothers” “Solomon and Tutu Tutu”along with Pablo Zamora, will also join the cast of here you dance.

An actor who has established himself as a comedian by fusing the stable cast of the space “Morande con Compania” over the years. In 2008, he got the chance to perform at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival exactly as “Tutu Tutu”.

Regarding the relationship with dance, Kurt Carrera loved to practice it from an early age. The main reason was his obsession with the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. .

There he sharpened his passion for dance, studied drama, Physical acting classes and an approach to contemporary dance .

Source: Biobiochile

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