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‘I beg you to put yourself in my place’: Video of Pyrita annoying fans due to noise goes viral



The musician assured him that he had been taking pictures with fans all day, and despite the fact that it was already night, fans kept coming to his hotel and shouting postcards. I need to eat, but they aren’t behaving well either,” he insisted.

The national singer, Carlos Rain Pyracheo, known as Pyrita, is the one who ended up starring in the viral video. He seems angry with fans who ask him to remain silent.

Video shot over the weekend shows the musician approaching the gates that separate the perimeter of the building from the hotel in Iquique, but he doesn’t look happy. He tries to talk to the crowd who are yelling at him for pictures.

“I sincerely say, please calm down. This Hue (sic) exhausts me, I don’t like being yelled at. you can hear him say in everything his fans mention.

Similarly, the singer admits: I ask you to put yourself in my place, I’m taking pictures all day long rehearsing,” he says, and again people shout.

“I’m very tired. Please calm down,” he added, continuing in the voices of the assembled people. Musicians approach people and start taking pictures with their followers.

@court_chileno15 #Iquique @Pyrita # viral ♬ Original Sound – ❤️🥰15-09-2022🥰❤️

In any case, the artist’s rebuke to his fans didn’t end there. Shortly after the new video appeared Away from the Gate, he said:you’re my fan, you gotta love me the same I was on the show for two hours and never took a break.

I couldn’t sleep last night too, I was yelled at all night Please know about me,” he said, and a man shouted for a picture.

“I want to take a picture with everyone, but I hope fans understand. I’m a person, I need to eat, and they don’t behave in a good way either. he added.


♬ Original Sound – Martina

Pyrita was in Iquique as part of a national tour FantasyIn any case, the noise wasn’t the only thing that bothered the musicians. The artist witnesses a crying girl in the crowd.

While signing autographs, I heard people asking people ahead of them to move for minors.

In it, Rain Pailacheo saw a girl, He gives her a sad smile as she wipes away her tears. Then shake hands for a while.

@mimo.mati It happened👏🏻👏🏻😍❤️❤️ #Pyrita #Iquique #Fantasy ♬ Original sound – Mimat

The national artist quickly became one of Chile’s most popular urban singers after singing. ultra solo He has performed with artist Polima Westcoast.

His success even allowed him to have his own home at the age of 22, but it also had negative consequences such as: The bullying he suffered as a result of his intimate relationship with his mother.

Source: Biobiochile

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