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China has lifted its de facto ban on Marvel movies after more than three years



Also Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Ant-Man in Chinese cinemas in February

China has lifted a de facto ban on Marvel films that had been in place since 2019. The Chinese Film Authority, which approves or rejects films there, has never explained why these films have remained behind closed doors in the past.

Foreign distribution movies approved or rejected in China by regulators at the China Film Administration (CFA), which was founded in 1949 and operates as part of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda department. CFA on a regular basis, it refuses to play foreign ones moviesto preserve censorship and protect the domestic film industry in this way.

Not really known reasons behind closed doors for certain films At CFA– has never really been explained why Marvel movies haven’t hit big screens around the country since mid-2019. They are connoisseurs of the film industry in in previous years otherwise exposed several possible reasons for this: from community characters LGBTQ+ and American patriotic symbols (such as the Statue of Liberty), through a Chinese director Chloe Zhaowhich has been criticized in China for its statements about its homeland in interviews, to growing political tensions between the US and China, he writes Guardian.

Among the Marvel movies that are in wants success in China in the past, for example, Black Panther, which earned 105 million dollars (just under 97 million euros) in China in 2018. Since 2019, however, films like these have remained outside the doors of cinemas there black Widow, Spider-Man: There is no way home and Eternals in directed by Zhao.

The movie Spider-Man: There is no way home should would be rejected after it is CFA unsuccessfully requested from the distributor, should remove the Statue of Liberty from scenes deemed overly patriotic by that office.

Efforts to thaw relationsBut with this year the situation it is clearly changing and working that China is warming up to Hollywood production again. This is also evident from the fact that he was Avatar: The Path of Water received playback approvals in during the Chinese New Year holidays (the Chinese lunar year starts on January 22 this time) and has already earned $220 million (203 million euros) there to date. These holidays are usually reserved for domestic film production in China.

To the rekindling of the Marvels movies is also coming in at a time when the US and China are working to improve relations, as well as some other signs that the Chinese government is softening its hard approach to the private sector.

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