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Episode 222 of Numbers in the company of Matevža Šalehar



Be sure to check out the show’s 8th anniversary event

A few days ago, the Številka podcast turned eight years old, and on this occasion, on February 22nd, a live recording of the jubilee 222nd episode will take place, with musician Matevž Šalehar Hamo as the main guest.

The red thread of this season is books. Leader Slavko Jerič will be with a guest Matevže Šaleharjem chatted about the book Keith Richards Life and Kindnesswhich the younger of the Šalehar brothers wrote in 2017.

The talk will also be about many other topics: from books, art, music to the life of a musician, love and much more. The singer of the Tribute 2 Love band will also sing two songs, and in addition to his own original song, he will also prepare a cover of one of the Rolling Stones’ songs in honor of Keith Richards.

Event ticket

The filming will take place on Wednesday, the 22nd. in February, at 18:00 on Radio Slovenia. You can get your free ticket at the link above.

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Source: Rtvslo

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